Jumping Over

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Ch. 5 - It's okay, I guess? (대단한 건가?)
@Kendama, well, that sucks, but I hope smn will be able to pick it up cuz it's a great series!
I wish I could, @thebenefactor, but the truth is this release is a one-time thing, unless a typesetter, a redrawer and a translator miraculously show up and volunteer to do it.

We announced with the release in our site that this is just a chapter to kill time while we wait for our raison d'être, DICE, to come back from a short break.

This series is incomparably easier than DICE: solid colours, simple art, not wordy, small and easy redraws… and I was pretty satisfied with myself for our translated version of the series logo. But it's time-consuming to redraw 30 easy SFX per chapter.

So, if you guys have the staff for it, I'd love to see you or anyone else pick it up.
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Yay! Thanks for continuing this!
Are high school students in Korea REALLY on the extremes when it comes to being submissive to bullies?
Where I went to high school when things get out of hand we gang up on the aggressor and usually bully them till they drop out and become drug pushers or addicts...