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Vol. 40 Ch. 78 - Love Square
Already at volume 40, just another ten and it’s over...

(P.S.: not counting the sequel ;) )
So the love square became a friendship triangle.
That got to be the very first time Touma ever drawn with such a smug look on his face.

Kinda sad that in the end
Kana literally throwing the bowling ball into the pins was the best part of the chapter :P

Funny story, if this had been candlepin bowling (which is something Touma might've experienced living in New England--all of the bowling alleys closest to MIT are candlepin), it actually would be against the rules to just throw the ball the whole distance :)

But in regular bowling, it's just bad manners to lob the ball a huge distance, not against any rule, as Kana said.
This was a roller coaster of emotions