Hero? I Quit A Long Time Ago

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Ch. 67
Oh boy, that guy who got anal-probed developed lasting trauma, huh...
@Kronous I know, I read this manga too. :c no need to ping me for it lol.

Although if he was able to run away, then he probably would have. /shrug
@jebjordan it's #2 ... lol
This looks like a spin-off story of aquaman seriosly.
@rrolo1 I considered, for a moment, the incredulous situation where a cheetah would somehow find its way to this manhua's equivalent of Atlantis, miles deep in the sea... but this is Thirteen we're talking about. Honestly, it could happen, someway, somehow. ?
Rest In Peace...

that thing probably got slipped and death immediately
or some got Jormungands body suddenly shake and squish him to death...

hmmm... many Misfortune that thirteen can use here...
Carue vs Thirteen. I pity Carue ... he most likely will be railroaded by a cheetah or something :P
@Kronous he'll probably use #4 right after the ceiling falls on Carue due to misfortune / luck lol.

Least that's what I would vote for xd

Or, idk, Carue orders his troops to stab the girl and him, but then they end up stabbing Carue instead because random Earthquake. lol.
the monster has appeared!

choose what you'll do:
1. fight
2. call help
3. use item
4. run with your girl