I Am a Child of This House

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Ch. 26
So it turns out its Emperor Santa Claus, huh?
i love the dad like,,,

- demanding the rest of the ribbons

- "i too, learned of it recently" while 'it' refers to the daughter

his unwillingness to abide to social expectations is amazing he has absolutely no shame or shits to give and i'm here for it
Making sure some annoying bug doesn't get one of the ribbons your daughter made to hand out at the hunt, +1 doting dad

Giving another one out anyway, to a man your dad just ribbon-blocked in front of you, +1 normal daughter
"give me the rest" lmfaoooo i love him
yeah, it never actually made into a big deal, and we don't even know if it's something unusual. MC don't think so too for sure.

I wouldn't think about it too, if it wouldn't be brought up so often, and it's always entire frame that show it. Way too much work for something "unimportant". It's almost like she can read emotions of gem-carriers, plot have something to do with this for sure.
"Dad, that's a bad word"
"It's fine to use it for bad people"
"Is it?"
"It is"

...well, sh*t...
I wonder when it will come out that she can hear the stones or aura.
So many updates today @.@

Also the name changed to Emiel, I guess