Gakkou Gurashi!

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Ch. 71 - Gone
Good work, M! 👍👍👍

Was wondering why all the schools in the area were so well-equipped!

Pity the plan didn't work...
...Did you read the dates at all? 1968 is long after WWII ya baka. And if it happened at all and wasn't part of a cover-up for the 1968 outbreak, there is nothing to remotely suggest it was anything but a regular explosion.
So in this timeline japan got nuked thrice?
Time to prepare the tissues again...
Thanks for the extra translation work for this chapter
Why is this chapter titled the same as 70?
I swear this better not have a bad ending.. my heart won’t endure it.. I guess my heart can endure an open ending with hope

Or not... aaaaaa
Chapter 22.
Wait when did Megu-nee show signs of resistance? I feel like I lost track of things at some point.
Time to drink some swamp water.
I guess I was close in my very long comment in Ch. 69

According to Miki, "In the Marsh, Omega is harmless, but when taken out, the infection spreads".

There is also mention that they have a popular course where they catch fish in the nearby "Kuchina River" to cook.

So it does seem that the detonation was just fake... maybe. A small cover-up. As mentioned my previous comment, the first incident happened September 27th 1968, but the detonation didn't occur until Tuesday, 10th October 1968 at 4:30pm.

• Another is basement 2. The girls mainly visited basement 1 as that is where the emergency stores are located, they didn't really go deeper. Deeper to were the Rainwater collect tanks are. If these collect rainwater without purification the bacteria could be exposed to this resource through the rain itself.

^ So that is actually the emergency water supply.

The only thing that doesn't make sense yet is the world map with circles and times of infection taken place all leading from Japan itself as "T+0hour". (People travelling on holiday and spreading a virus strain?) but Africa and Argentina don't have connecting lines from them. Or is it distribution and creation of weapons or resources?

So basically, people who have acted as carriers, not affected by the virus fully but can spread it to others.

The translations I have for Volume 8 are rather different:

Not sure if we're allowed to post this here so it'll be a cut through versions.

Dismembered Body Found on Road Identity unknown. Large wound on neck ... for a walk in Naira Town, Dando City found the body of a women on the road...

Help Us Keep Trespassers Out... In order to avoid drowning incidents in the marketplace, the area surrounding Nazaka Marsh has been designated as off limits. Recently, we have been receiving reports of figures being spotted and noises . . . please do not trespass

... was beleived to be the work of some new psycho killer. It quickly became clear that the body had been taken from the morgue.

Note: A funeral home is a full-service experience, a ceremonial service or a viewing of the deceased in a religious setting. A morgue is a place where dead bodies are put into storage, usually large refrigeration units.

Nazake Marsh = Kuchina River

Dando City = Megurigaoka

These places were renamed.


Dando Oct. Issue, page 6: The span of time from widespread outbreak to cleansing by fire, quarantine, and cover-ups is incredibly small. I imagine there was an official government manual to deal with this.

Dando City Hall, PR Department Secretary: Announcement: Distribution of evacuation Booklets — We are currently distributing evacuation booklets to all the evacuees in Dando City. In order to ensure a swift and safe evacuation, please comply. Booklets are being handed out at your local government office. Should you fail to have a booklet, there'll need to be an investigation to determine your identity which make take some time. (Isolation and quarantine?)

Volume 1:
...After the events of 1968, the worries of a further decline in population led to the city of Dando to apply for a city development. In 1979, the city changed its name to Megurigaoka...

Water purification System: ... Our school draws water from the ground and the kuchina River and passes through our very own purification system....... the entire region could use the school as a base in case of a disaster.

....... The most popular course, the natural experiences course, in which students catch fish in the nearby Kuchina River and cook them.......

....... First among the seven hills is the saint whose blade glitters like heaven. Roiling in the Kuchina River is the poison breath of the great nine-headed serpent. Seven days and seven nights of fighting. What fell from heaven was tears of blood soaked deep into the ground. The remains of the fires were a real horror .......
Man, screw this. This manga, it’s messing with my feelings.
Don't think my heart will endure a bad ending.
will this be the goodbye?
Oh please, let Kurumi die, she's my favorite character. Die already Kurumi.
Please no more false hope
They have experience, they have knowledge, they have the technology. Now to return to the place of origin.
thx so much
This sounds more like a death flag
They're all gonna die
Oh well
Thank you.