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Vol. 11 Ch. 83 - Side Effects
Ok, I am liking Sargon more and more each chapter, I am really hoping he will be against slaving the infected just because they have the technology to do so.
I wonder if Doc's line about the giant octopus was a reference to the filler episode in the anime where he actually was almost eaten by a giant octopus.
edit: Wait i'm an idiot i forgot that that happened in the manga a couple chapters ago too.

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Welp. That's terrifying.
Thats one ugly mfer,
Total chaos in the airship now. I guess that nemesis is going to get rekt by Sargon.
@Lyendith Well with fantasia it is possible to manipulate time, fusing various people in one body is hardly something inconceivable, but if my experience in fantasy serves me right this little warm family is dysfunctional in the best of days, from this point on things just get worst.

And i don't need much thinking to know why it wants Seth as part of the family, but to me, it appeared that it can use fantasia barehanded too unless it just didn't show its artifacts or it can use barehanded but to a lesser extent.

Oh and thanks for the translation.

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@alacaelum "The word mesnie (household, family), rarely used since the Middle Ages, designates people living together, whether or not they are of the same blood."

The Mesnie in Radiant says "us" and is talked about as if they were several people, so the name probably comes from there. Plus, you know, all these eyes. >.>

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Dracoon is fabulous with that hairstyle.

@Lyendith Give a friend a little help what was written in that spoiler about the mesnie, i need to know after seeing that gorgeous face in the chapter.
these releases are highlights in my day. thank you.
Plot twist, she was really looking for doc all along.

Also, thank you guys from Baguette scans, you were always fast, but you are having a blast lately.

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In france, they don’t call him "Inquisitor General" they call him '' Jean Michel Premierdegré' “”And I think that’s really beautiful."