Suki Nante Iwantoite

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1
Quality right here. Most Yaoi just gets wiered or is very focused on specific types of guys. Story here is also nice.

That straight guy might have to rethink things later though, same with the gay guy. I mean maybe its rare for him but he clearly isn't 100% straight. Plenty of BI people have preferences after all. Some like guys more often some like girls more but thats really all it is, more "often". Who you like is always who you like and even if your feelings fade that doesn't mean your gay or straight.

How many times have your feelings faded for someone of your preferred type after all? Its probably more than enough to understand.

Anyway i like this. Very cute. Would also have followed through having been either of them. They are both nice.
im normally not into Yaoi but this was pretty good you know.