5Toubun no Hanayome

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Ch. 77 - A Battle Amongst Women
I feel they are more like acquaintances rather than childhood friends
@bastek66 @cillbosby
my point was that greatninja3's example Nisekoi, does not show that childhood friend always loses, so it's irrelevant to his 2 'rules of Harem'.

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Damnot and I thought Rena is Yotsuba given all the signs, but she's just red herring.... Or is she?

Even if she's actually Rena, Itsuki never showed any romantic interest to Fuutarou yet. But then again she could be hiding them for whatever reason. She also seems to has some reason on not revealing Rena's identity too.

Damn the war's getting spicier! But never lose hope, NINOGANG will blitzkrieg through them all!
Most likely at the halfway point
We hope you enjoyed your stay
And it's good to have you with us
Even if it's just for the day 85 chapters.
Culmination inbound
@cgr All girls were childhood friends, but the promise girl was Onodormat and she lost.
Well, Miku's long term strategy of improving herself to be the woman Futaro will love continues. She's always had the devoted to Futaro part down already. Now with time and hard work, she's at least imroved her baking skills. I think this will carry over to general cooking as well.

Now comes the really difficult part, being always cheerful. It's going to be reallty hard for Miku, being always cheerful, because it's totally opposite of her basic personality. I'm wondering how she's going to overcome that.

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@The_Smile That photo Itsuki has this chapter is Fuutarou's, don't forget she took his photo away as Rena, during the Seven Goodbyes.
well god damn it!
Yotsuba forever in the friend zone. 😅
Itsuki is Rena... I'm not totally surprised. I thought Ichika would have made sense. I always thought whoever Rena was will be the bride.
When Itsuki asked Miku, Fuutaro said No without any feeling of disappointment... so no romantic feelings with her.
He mentioned Ichika and Nino so, 1, he acknowledges that she likes him... even though it was from a nudge from Ichika herself disguised as Miku (Way to go Ichika!)
I think the way he mentioned Nino, is she had allowed him to answer her confession in the beginning, he would have rejected her and she knows it.
So it's Itsuki or Ichika. Even though I can't forget my original theory that whoever Rena is will be the bride, I still think there was more development with Ichika and hope it's her.
But I like all the sisters honestly so can live with any of them.
Last arc you think??
I already knew it's Ichika because she is the main girl from the start.

But goddam I like Yotsuba more
Okay, I was a bit curious about this “Special stage” that Miku hint at, so I google “Kyoto stage” and the immediate result was Kiyomizu-dera, a Buddhist temple.

The stage that Miku was referring to, is probably the open wooden stage that is part of the main hall, which is situated 13-meter above the ground. And apparently there "was" a tradition from the Edo-period that if someone were to jump and survive the fall from the stage, he or she will have their wish be granted. That definitely worries me, now my hype has been replace by anxiety, and I hope nothing serious like that happens, accidental or not.
Itsuki : "So, I resolved to lead everyone in place of our mother"

Grandpa : Now that I've lost Rena

That girl : My name is Rena

Wow, that small details!
Damn, Fuutarou's about to get assaulted from all directions during that trip. I still feel bad for Miku, Ichika was playing some dirty pool. Hopefully Miku gets her feelings out there during the trip as well.
that last panel :( even that I'm team Nino, it still hurts :(

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yep i know it, it was itsuki!
Team itsukii!!!
Man, that credit page, right in the feels.
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