Shounen Y

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Vol. 3 Ch. 9 - Challenge
@givemersspls Even when he agreed, I was surprised he didn't start by closing the window..
@givemersspls If Kotone is crazy enough to sigh continuously just to kill as many angels she can, I wouldn't put straddling a transfer student on the first day beyond her. She's clearly a nutjob.

And you're welcome. Chapters 10 and 11 are already translated, but I can't say when they'll come out because we need a redrawer for this series.
I need to reread this from the start for sure.
Existentialism the manga continues with a new chapter. I appreciate the work of the translators in this, although I did laugh at that wench of a girl Wabiko.

Even if you had been possessed by angels and blacked out for periods of time, I still would doubt that you'd straddle a person you just met. I'm not saying that Kotone is lying, but this was pushing it.

I still side with Yamaza even though the story is trying to play it out as though he made the wrong choice. Existentialism literally says that at the end of the day, you choose how you value things because there is no objective, inherent value to anything. That's why Yuzuru was able to stand by his conviction to choose friendship over numbers, why he stood by choosing the one life that he had made a connection with over the three lives he hadn't. That's fine; in an existentialist setting, that is his choice to make. At the same time, Yamaza has to make his own choice as well. He didn't just wantonly make his choice. He had reasons for doing it. For the very same reason that Yuzuru's decision could be respected, this is a decision that Yamaza made that is deserving of the same amount of respect. It shouldn't matter that he used the "rational" basis of numbers. It doesn't matter that it's what most people would do. The existentialist is not an anti-conformist. The existentialist is one who seeks value in actions and decisions, who seeks value in life. Both "Shounen Y" boys have done so.

He was freaking stupid as hell for agreeing to catch the cat, though.