Expressionless Kashiwada-san and Emotional Oota-kun

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Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Tabuchi-san's Secret
you heard it here first folks: he's not her friend
manga over go home everyone
Lot of awkward TL/PR in this chapter. Hope that improves in the next few.
Thanks man
@gearsky As you know, russian pelmeni are meat dumplings which are boiled, of size convenient to push whole pelmen' in a mouth at once. Though classical way to eat them is with sour cream, there is also recipe for vinegar "sauce". You dullute vinegar with water in deep enough dish, 1 to 1, and add black pepper. You eat like this: you nibble one side of dumpling to make small hole, not letting meat juice to spill out. then you submerge it into "sauce", so that it pours in and mixes with meat juice inside. Then you put this taste bomb in your mouth. Is delicious.

@BabyPyroshark check...check...check... hey, you are the same as me, bro. I guess that I will be the only one who has read your message wholly and attentively. I guess that you know, if someone like you will read this, he will say "yeah, yeah" and continue live as he lives. As you live. This thought that "maybe I saved someone else today" is desirable, but don't cling on it. The only one you can save is yourself.
And it's ok if you don't. Though it's supposed that each human should be, do and have a specific minimum of things, it's not obligatory means, nor truth of life. As long as you don't commit crimes, or bother other people in general, you're safe. It's alright to be angry, scared, feel bad or bored or whatever. It's alright to hate yourself. if you're into anime, look for a monologue in third arc of "Seishun buta yarou" about hating oneself. The idea is "if I hate myself, no can do. I'll just accept this and take it easy". Though it's considered to be a rule that one should love themselves, it's all bullshit. And those normies who impose it on others can just blow up. You don't owe them anything. You don't owe anything even to yourself. All those plans, goals and dreams that you wanted to achieve, and failed because of your laziness, lack of motivation or maybe support from others, it's alright too. You are what you are, when you change and when you don't change. You think that you are pathetic, scum of the earth, a failure as a human. On a greater scale it doesn't matter at all. Moreover, I bet that a great deal of people think that you are alright. So stop with this bullshit, wipe your nose and throw these thought out of your head.
"And you know man, this is just the way that it goes, you said it right man, this is just the way that it goes"
@VINT64 Yoooo!!! Vinegar drinking gang!

Personally, my favorite way to drink it is to coat the bottom of a measuring cup in salt (we have some metal measuring cups, and I like the flavor the metal adds), and then pour the distilled white vinegar over it.

I also grab a glass of water to keep my throat from hurting too much.
i kinda need something off my chest right now, this has nothing to do with this manga...

i hate myself
i hate how when i start doing something that i drop it as soon as it gets hard and boring
i hate how i want friends but after i moved schools i became hostile towards others
i hate how whenever people talk to me, my tone sounds hostile and malicous despite wanting to talk to them
i hate how scared i am of what others think of me so i just try not to talk to people
i hate how i can never push myself to do anything thats not fun
i hate how when people ask me about my opinion im too scared to say my actual opinion and just say "i dont know"
i hate how i cant talk about what other people like without getting bored
i hate when i blame others impulsively because i feel guilty and cornered
i hate how i feel bad about myself, then feel pathetic because others have it worse
i hate when i feel happy but then realise how pathetic my life is
i hate that i want to change but dont like the process of changing
i hate myself

i write this because i feel better at the thought that people relate and sympathize with me and also in hopes that some others may realise what is happening to them and change unlike me
the thought of maybe saving someone whose life is spiralling downwards
maybe, just maybe you will amount to something in this truly vast and harsh world
please dont destroy yourself because you think you arent worth much anymore
someone cares about you when you dont
escaping to the world of manga, webtoon and manhua isnt any better than neglecting your own life, if it brings you comfort to read cute stuff that is fine, but please dont remember that you have life outside of the comics that should be worth more to you

i write this because i felt horrible and i really needed to vent somewhere but also because the thought of saving someone else from self destructing brings me comfort, it is a purely selfish reason and i shouldnt get any credit if what i said maybe helped you realise that your life was going the wrong way

every person is selfish, most people are just more selfish than others in some way or another, maybe they feel good when they help others, maybe they like money, maybe killing people brings them joy, maybe donating to charity boosts their pride, maybe they help their significant other with dishes/cleaning because they want to be with them because their aura is comforting, maybe they believe in God/Gods because it brings them comfort knowing that they arent just unlucky or lucky but that the God/Gods have some plan for them to be part of

every single being on this earth is selfish, but being selfish isnt always a bad thing, your way of being selfish might help others and those people might become important people meaning you helping them leads to their power in a small way, you are part of the vast amount of people that helped contribute to who that person is today, might have been a small contribution but you contributed either way, right?

you should be proud of who you are and what you accomplish, even if others disagree with you, if your selfishness doesnt hurt others directly its fine

i kinda wrote more than i wanted in the beginning but if this helps people in some way thats fine by me, because im selfish >:P
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Yess call out his dumb pranks, they're not endearing they're obnoxious
Oh now, this manga density just doubled. Why does everyone likes tsunderes?
Tabuchi turning to dust was funny.

@Harambe I like drinking vinegar. And pickled cucumbers are even better than that.
Kashiwada-san seems to like the attention from Oota-kun (to an extent). And even her female stalker.

In real life, most of Oota's antics would be considered harassment. Since this is a slapstick comedy manga, his "victim" doesn't even seem annoyed, and occasionally turns his pranks around on him.
Controversial opinion, Pickled cucumbers doesn't taste great on their own
But why? Why does a character like this always have to be introduced into these kinds of manga? Do. . . Do people like characters like this or something? I dislike them to the point where I may even drop a manga if they're infuriating enough.
Why is it "emotionless" in the last few pages (the character files) rather than expressionless? There's a huge different.
I understand sympathy is a thing but remember this is fictional comedy.
There are lots of things here that I'd generally find unacceptable irl
BUT everything was intently portrayed to be comedic and exaggerated.

As for Kashiwada-san's feelings, it's quite safe to say she's OK with Oota's company. She gets to be beside him and see his funny reactions.
@Shamz that's how the author wanted to portray it at least, the dude's trying his own thing and she's enjoying the company with a maiden's heart
it's a win-win situation isn't it :V and you get to enjoy their struggle
for me i think he is actually more helping? than bullying even if it is bullying... by the looks of it him being so stubborn at trying to make the girl express some facial expression actually made the girl less lonely than she would be and like what kuma said he has not really done any harm to her physically and the girl is beating him in his own game herself... the part about being less lonely is uhh idk cause they havent shown the girl interacting with anyone else other than the mc but the girl 100% had some fun with him doing what he is doing...
@FredFriendly the whole clash know that he is just that kind of mischievous guy. and soo far, nothing he doing is made her physically harmed, and he actively help her out when necessary. she also understand that, even fall in love with that side of him. we all have those kind of slightly dick-ish loud friends (if you do have friends in school). he has no ill intent soo far. people get in fact know his antics, tolerate and understand him. he even the one frequently teased by people around him because his tendency. again, did it hit your nerve that much? are you triggered?
@kuma If it made laugh at least once in any of the 5 chapters, then maybe I'd consider it atrociously horrible slapstick. But I found nothing funny at all. If you saw this happening in your own classroom would you a. whoop and holler with glee and urge the douchebag to ride her ass even more or b. take part in the bullying yourself? I can guess what you'd do.

I would not doubt that this sort of series encourages a certain type of kid (both boys and girls) to start or continue to bully other kids, particularly in Japan when bullying is vicious and traumatic and typically ignored by the teachers. That is no laughing matter.
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@FredFriendly it's called slapstick. come on, why you oversensitive. the story is not supposed to taken seriously. did it hit too close to home? why it triggered you?
@kuma Yeah. It's real funny to see a douchebag constantly towering over a timid girl and angrily yelling at her at the top of her lungs. Yeah. Great fun. A barrel of laughs.
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