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Ch. 12 - Alien laborer
Finally noticed it in the last panel, but the scar over sensei's eye is cross-shaped. We saw a cross chapters ago during the exposition about other religions being suppressed. (The panel had a Buddhist rosary as well.)

Huh. I wonder if I'm just overthinking things.
? i can't binge reading this, this is so good
Alright this is great I’m so ready
This comic is already great but y'all's notes make it a blast! Thank you scanlation team!

I cant get over hush child you're already a part of the harem, that one had me dying.
I ship elsa and sensei.
In my eyes there's no need for an harem.
just sensei
CBS to read it daily even though it's such a nice read, it is daily right?
Fuck, my bad, I probs thought it was daily cos I was so occupied reading manga.
โฌ†๏ธโฌ†๏ธdoesn't really make sense lol. I'm just a retard.
Thanks for the translation.