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Vol. 9 Ch. 75 - The Five Cranes Show their Gratitude
I have paused this manga few months ago and I am back now to read it again. But I feel kinda lost in this murder mystery, should have start from the chapter 1 again.

(Yotsuba too
Best wingman? Wingwoman?)

dawg, seriously, ichika's fucked
ok at first i wasn't a big fan of nino but now because of her uncontrollable thirst she is the very last line of defence at this point which makes the meme at the end really funny
the last page of these chapters are aweome

Well, I mean it’s in regard to anxiety. When she first prevented Fuutarou from bolting, she was visibly tense but still keep her composure. And I view this as she’s either nervous on the inside or her physicality is just not that good, or a combination of both. As this is the first-time this teenage Rena persona has ever appeared in-universe, this would put some, or maybe a lot of pressure on whoever is under the guise to not mess up. So, the person must be good but not too good.

Ichika should have a fair amount of experience playing the role of different fictional characters by that time, so it will be unlikely for her to slip up or break composure unless she is not thinking properly like in ch.74. Also, if the physicality claim is true, then Yotsuba’s chances to be teenage Rena will be lower but that is the only instance where teenage Rena did any activity so its mot really conclusive.

Well, I got nothing more to say about the left-hand theory unless something happen in the future chapters, but thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. And yes, I do try to keep myself in check, I just thought that point as well as the volume point might be interesting enough to share and consider.

As for Itsuki dialog in ch.70 I don’t really find it all to strange to be honest since I have yet to read anything that have me convince that Itsuki could be teenage Rena, this only further that believe of mine.

I got three new point to take into consideration. First up, we all know the phase that the Nakano family use to tell the quint apart and is taken quite literally, but what about Fuutarou’s dad? His responds to Yotsuba’s family quote is ‘Isn’t love supposed to make you blind?’, while despite being a joke reply you got to remember that he is actually married before so it stands to reason that he knows somewhat what he’s talking about. So how does this apply to Fuutarou and the quint? To be honest I’m not sure, maybe Fuutarou is unconsciously falling in love with one of the quint without noticing until some guy try to make a move on her or something.

Next, who do you think invited the Meada into the wedding? Because so far only Ichika and Miku knows of him, the former is his classmate and even got his number, the latter only have one interaction while she is disguise as Ichika but leaves Miku with a big revelation about love. I had tried to find which class his future wife is from but got nothing, but that is also the case with Takeda as well.

Lastly, this is a new insight I have the other day, and that is in regard to the quint’s career and how it affects the future.

First thing first, Miku, as we know currently is working as a baker in the rival shop across from “Revival”, but that is to earn money for rent and further her goal of becoming Fuutarou’s ideal women. It is a job but not her career, a job is to earn money and is not set in stone, while a career is, and it satisfy the person doing it. A job could become a career, but until further showings it will remain a job in my eyes.

Ichika’s career is being an actress, which she already is and is now trying to solidify her name in the industry, Nino’s career/dream is to be the owner of a restaurant, and Itsuki’s is to become a teacher. That leaves us with Miku, Yotsuba, and Fuutarou who has yet to reveal anything particular about their career.

But there is one VERY important detail that was overlook by everybody, and that is in regard to the quint’s grandpa and his inn. As we know, three years from now (or was it two since they’re already in 2019) their grandpa died, but the big question no one is asking is what will happen to the inn?

It’s possible that he could have sold it or appoint an already existing staff to become the new owner, but the more likely possibility is that one of the quint will inherit the inn. A plot points I’ve seen time and again before in other series. The question is, which quint will inherit the inn?

If we look at their appearance three years from now; the picture in ch.68 and this chapter cover. I’ll say the most likely candidate is Yotsuba, since her three year self clothing style looks similar to their grandpa, just lacking the happi coat (If you go to Twitter and look into the author account, you should be able to find the chapter cover with just the young adult quint in it), contrast that with current Yotsuba and all the outfit she wears when she’s not wearing her school uniform, as well as her words to Fuutarou about him being a ‘Fashion Peasant’ indicate that she care about style and trends but future Yotsuba seem to be past that. We saw how she reminisce to Ichika about their time at the inn in ch.64 ch.66, and in ch.68 she is overjoyed that Raiha will spread good recommendation to her friends about the place, not to mention that she is good at cleaning/tidying up and has both great strength and stamina, which is a big plus for hotel and inns. All this leads me to believe that Yotsuba will inherit her grandpa’s inn.

So, what does this mean and how does it relate to the future? Well, because of the distance and cost of travelling there, maintaining a healthy relationship, even a long distance one will be very difficult. Thus, her chances of being the bride are greatly reduced.

But on the other hand, this might also be what Raiha meant to her grandma when she said that she will be surprise if Yotsuba were the bride. Other than bride Ichika being a celebrity of her grandma’s favourite tv drama or bride Nino being the owner of one of the best restaurants in town. Conversely, Itsuki being a teacher won’t be much surprise, while Miku on the other hand… I’m not sure. But I still support and believe that Miku will be the bride Fuutarou ends up with.

(P.S Can I still inform you for opinion if I even find anything interesting?)
@Kotalier Some misunderstandings I did have, and I believe I still have a few, because some of your points don't exactly... clear up my misunderstandings.

So, if I am understanding this right, you are saying Ichika has too much experience that her execution of Rena would be too perfect? Meanwhile, if any of the other four had tried Rena, it would be imperfect, thus more organic? I am confused, maybe because much too many times have I seen people use Ichika's acting career as a stepping stone as to why she is more likely Rena. Hence my charged arguments in regards to debunking Ichika... in the end, I think I'm just on the side that the level of any of the sisters' acting does not come into play because of how limited we are in knowing the other four's abilities when it comes to acting. Some we can guess, but as some people feel, even the sporty jock Yotsuba gives some feeling that she may be a better actress than she gives off. Their ability to act would come second to more critical clues, since Negi-sensei could shoehorn in that any one of them are a better actress, or that Ichika was her with founded reasoning in her acting career.

Based on what you have said, I am summarizing that you believe Rena-present intentionally used her left hand in certain instances...? Well, it does like something that may be done to shake off a person in regards to handiness, but the fact that it is very specific when she uses her left hand (with the scroll), it feels more like an over-reading of something that may not be as significant. And when she continues using her left hand for panel flow, it's exactly for panel flow. Why switch hands? Some series will do that, and we readers are not obligated to be super picky when a character's use of hand switches suddenly between panels. However, Negi-sensei seemed attentive that if the left hand was in use before, it would naturally do the same. As for when she did so consistently with the scroll... well, we are not Negi-sensei and your guess there is as good as mine.

In regards to the hand that held the childhood picture, I did make an oversight. When looking at my own hand and comparing it to that on page 12, I read the manga's thumb as the ring finger... which as you point out is actually the thumb (and I thought the bent ring finger was the thumb). Even then... I'll just admit to not being convinced that the use of her left hand here was any more deliberate than what I mentioned before about how any right handed person may use their left hand to varying degree. And take note that behind the scene a character may be using their left hand more or less. You could say that I am more convinced that I am more inclined to believe that there is some significance to the "Ichika closing her eyes in quintuplet art pieces meaning something" than I am to think that left-handedness has as much as a purpose. Once again, I won't deny the possibility, but this argument comes off weaker than I had first thought of it. AS you may know and be aware of, superfluous details are what a good number of people will theory craft on, and can at times ruin one's deduction; of course, if their guess was right irregardless of the significance of said superfluous detail, they will triumph more into thinking oneself as the next Sherlock... which is nice and good positive energy, but all in moderation when gauging oneself.

I don't think volumes have to inherently have the "arc" style of chapters of "Ch X - XXXXX ptX." Therefore, I don't find it strange. Yes, it has been staple for all but two volumes of eight... but it doesn't seem too much to get oneself bothered with.

(Something I noticed from ch70: Itsuki drops a "how unusual of me to befriend someone like him" line... which in the face of the possibility of her being Rena is strange. At least to me, this kind of line drop wouldn't match up with at least the main type of approaches of who Rena is; if she is past Rena, then I assume the line would have been worded differently; if the present Rena, it's still odd unless she intentionally wanted to drop that line in front of Miku... which seems unlikely. TLDR, this line gives a sense that she is less likely Rena of the past and really only just met Fuutaro)
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Why the chapter 76 Eng version taking so long ???
Its over for you Ichikatards, your girl is being built up to be a villain type of character and after that happens theres no way she's winning even after being redeemed.
The game is now down to Nino, Miku and Itsuki while Yotsuba never had a chance.
Thanks for replying, thought I think I might have word my sentences weirdly that may cause some misunderstanding.

My first point was not to support Ichika but the other four instead. Since the other four had only ever impersonate as one another, having to disguise as someone that does not really exist and newly thought up, would cause the disguiser to slip on some fact and knowledge that are usually the norm for her.

Nothing much to say about the second point.

Point three... this is my fault for not really explaining my thought properly, so sorry. But this theory of mine is that whoever teenage Rena is, she could have consciously incorporate her left hand into her disguise, an extra layer to “Rena” if you will. Yes, the quint are all right handed but what I tried to find is who among them is more capable of incorporating their left hand into something like this, I would notice if any one of them ever writes with their left. And while it's true of the panel flow argument, it still done with her left hand isn't it.

Also, I think you need to relook the panel where teenage Rena hold the childhood picture again in page 12. If you scrutinise the finger that's in front of the picture, the right side is rounder than the left side. The finger besides it that's below the Kyoto girl, is much shorter and has a very visible curve to it, indicate that that's is the thumb. The second finger on the right of the panel is the ring finger and is actually bent downward. All this point to it being her left hand.

This is unrelated to any of the point and I’m not too sure if this is relevant or not, but do you find it strange that we didn't get any sequencing chapter titles so far for this volume? The last time this happens is with volume 3, and while Nino is the cover for that volume, the number 3 and 9 is usually associated with Miku. What are your thoughts.
I am in ways honoured to be asked for an opinion on one of these comment threads, since the expected flow of such thread is either arguments, discussions or simple tag-alongs. Asking feedback to me a good sign of discussions turning towards... well better discussions as people who converse are being more open to what others might have to say and their validations.

Anywho, away with my appreciations, I do not mind giving my thoughts on your findings. None of us will have a true right or wrong, as it is more about more convincing evidence over those that are superfluous.

Not to discount an observation off the bat, but it feels like the "experience in playing a non-quint" is part of my hunch, or better to say spiteful peeve, that Ichika's acting career gives her a lead... which, to remain honest, is an argument that can be made. However, among reasoning, I've usually resolved this quality to be more a supporting claim than something concrete. as we are not entirely familiar if any of the sisters have any form of acting skills beyond masking up as one or the other. Certainly, the other four don't have much of a reason to know good disguises... but if a non-Ichika quint expected to meet Fuutaro eventually and her looks didn't make clear connections to "Rena of the past," I can be certain to a degree that quint would have readied something. Let's also not exaggerate the skill needed to think of a potential "what if" idealization; I'd reckon that the Rena-present, be it Ichika or not, would have put two-and-two together to change things up a bit: make herself look more "modern" than keeping to the white one-piece alone. Or who knows, maybe she could have kept to the old look, although that'd look rather... how to say? Incomplete? When you think about it, while it does make it feel like you are meeting someone from the past, a person wearing the exact same attire gives an impression that they are dead... which as some of us takes, Rena of the present does want to declare "Rena of the past" to be dead, or at least someone Fuutaro should not get too caught up in.
TLDR: This reasoning has been what I call a supportive reason, not a main reason to support Ichika being Rena. I'd take a guess that any of the sisters could take up acting, and probably would have done moreso if they are Rena. Yes, a slip is possible, but from what Negi-sensei is trying to display, Rena is able to act well (and is trying not to make Ichika's acting an obvious clue) with obvious moments where the acting does slip such as when she blushes (face downwards) to Fuutaro's compliments of the quints.

Two. Yes, this point I can agree with. Of course, Rena could have been lucky in how she was able to run (I think him slipping off the boat was luck), but it seems more fair to believe that Rena is intuitive in making on the fly decisions. Some may argue that she isn't as crafty, since some of her quick-decisions are not as pre-planned (I wouldn't exactly call her as quick-witted when she was saying "how do I stop you...?" right before riding the boats). Therefore, we may be giving more credit to Rena than needed for the "running from Fuutaro" part, as that could have just been the author giving her a dramatic exit.

Three, at first, I found this finding to be intriguing. Handiness in some mystery series can be a lead to something, so I checked back myself on the chapter... but, to my finding, I'd say that this argument isn't as strong as it was initially. The reason why I say this is because your point about her left-handed usage being an indicator of some degree of ambidexterity... is lacking.

When you observe an individual, a person's off-hand can follow a handful of trends: it can be weaker but more dexterous; it can be stronger but not so dexterous; it can be like a second dominant hand. But in truth, you don't need to be dexterous/ambidextrous to use your offhand in life. If you don't mind doing a bit of an experiment, keep a vague note in mind how many times you use your off-hand; also ask the same of some people in your life, be it a friend or family. You can say that you will come to the result that people who aren't ambidextrous will still use their off-hand in some tasks, consciously or unconsciously. This is because we, or more like our brain, will make split-second decisions that may lead us to use our off-hand, likely because the action we want to do is better done with that hand (the object is in a left pocket; a cup is on your left side, not your right). The rest of the chapter shows that this character is right hand dominant, so it is a better assumption that those few panels were only really done because of the off-hand exception.

This finding may not completely give reason as to why she used her left hand for the amulet, but I can guess that it's just an author's choice, more specifically "panel flow": panels previous to left-handed actions have Rena in a position where it would better flow with her using her left hand. She approaches Fuutaro from the left side of the panel, so having her use her right hand would display the back of the hand and may not be a good looking panel; when she gets off the boat, the manga goes right-to-left, so maybe Negi-sensei chose to having the panel zoom onto her left hand before she tosses the amulet (also, having her back to the reader is more ominous/cold than if she faced towards us). My guess her may be as good as mine, and neither do I want to discount your efforts of going through the chapters for handiness. But with the above in mind, this left-handedness myth is debunked sadly until we get more Rena screentime. (also, in the panel where she holds the childhood pic, that is a right handed gesture, not left)

What I do find more valuable now is the findings of the gals' habits. Maybe when we get to piece together more, those bits will help us.

@dube There is a difference between well-done realistic characters and poorly done realistic characters. It is true: humans as they are can be selfish; they can be unreadable. However, people can also be selfless and intelligible. And when making a compelling character, a balance needs to be struck, because go one way and a character is too down-to-earth and the other way they require the character to suspend their belief too much. True, reading and other activities are an escape, but not all readers are looking for rose-tinted fantasies. Some want a dip that is a bit fictional; others want to read a story of non-fiction, but cannot partake in the event for time-place reason (wrong locaiton, wrong era/time). As you might know also, reality can be stranger than fiction, as there are people who seem impossibly unreal, either because they are overly obedient or very unreasonable to a fault.

To state also, none of this supports why Ichika is even a complex character. Sure, I can see where realistic may come fromt, but complex has not come across your statement here or before.

The fact that you choose to be condescending by saying "Manga readers struggle to understand X" (even if true) in itself does make your claim less a founded statement and more of a self-righteous comment.
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Ichika is the most realistic and complex character. Manga readers usually struggle to accept characters who, like all mentally healthy real people with properly functioning instincts, think about themselves first, others second.

On the other hand, it’s understandable that people dislike what she did. After all, we read manga and watch anime to escape reality. We don’t want realistic characters. We would rather have girls who are psychologically impossible to exist, like tusndere types.
@Kotalier you know nakano papa always be strict about her daughter, what if the picture was not yotsuba back then instead of nino, because she needs a substitute and their face was really similar. They way i can guess nino has saw the wild fuutarou was in the hospital because of food poisoning, fuutarou dad always eat near expired food or what i said on first point, nino always afraid of injection and hides somewhere in the ward and she can met him there.
Yes, this does give Yotsuba a good probability to be Kyoto girl, though I’m doubtful about the claim that Nino “fetch” Kyoto girl since we saw from young Fuutarou POV that it was Mr Nakano who escort Kyoto girl back. Nino could just be nearby and out of sight along with her sisters or was the one who spotted them and told her dad about it.

Hey, you won’t mind if I ask for your opinion on a few observations and thoughts about teenage Rena that I have right?

For one, the disguise is not base on any of the current quint but a combination of her/their past self and the what-if idealization that Fuutarou held for her. And while the disguise works, only one out the four of them has the experience of playing as another persona that is not one of the quint. Therefore, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the other four might have slip a bit while in disguise.

Two, she is quick to made plans on the fly. As we see from how she prevents Fuutarou from running off and the cover up excuse she gave later. Though this aspect could be debatable.

And lastly, whoever is disguise as Rena, is pretty good with her left hand. If you go back and look at all the panel she’s in, a majority of them where she use her hand is with her left. From the way she holds the charm and childhood picture to her tossing him said charm. That to me indicate that whoever the person was, is at the very least somewhat ambidextrous.

So, with that in mind. I reread every single chapter and snip every instance I could find up till the latest chapter, 75, for each of the quint using their left hand (discounting the cover) before counting them altogether, and just for fun I also include Fuutarou in it as well. But since not all hand usage are the same, I categorise them into three group; hold, gesture and interaction. (Note that I might miss or misattribute some of them.)

And my findings are; [Ichika; H(7), G(33), I(15)], [Nino; H(2), G(32), I(14)], [Miku; H(4), G(19), I(17)], [Yotsuba; H(2), G(28), I(8)], [Itsuki; H(4), G(12), I(10)] and [Fuutarou; H(8), G(45), I(30)]

Overall, Fuutarou seem to be the most ambidextrous out of all of them. Though, regarding the quint themselves, in terms of gesture it’s Ichika followed by Nino, in terms of interaction it’s Miku followed by Ichika. If we go by this result alone without taking any other factors into consideration, then the likelihood of teenage Rena identity through this method is Ichika, follow up by Nino, Miku, Yotsuba and lastly Itsuki herself.

But disregarding the numbers, I found out that Yotsuba tends to do the “scratch behind the head” gesture with her left hand quite few times, while Ichika tends to touch her lower face quite a lot, and that Miku always adjust her hair with her left hand despite her hair being parted to her right.
another good day to be on team nino
@Kotalier if yotsuba is the one who's lagging behind, i can presume she was the one who approach young fuutarou because she was lost and the one who fetch young yotsuba is probably nino because she "knows" about young fuutarou sometime ago (chapter 23)
I can’t believe no one has tried to play the quintuplet game with the latest cover page, on who’s who with the young quintuplets.

In order to figure out the sequence of the young quint. We need to compare both their high school selves and young adult selves. The number sequence with the teenage quint is the following: 4,3,5,2,1 while the young adult sequence is: 5,2,1,4,3.

The difference between them is three years as evidence by ch.68, and if you shift the former sequence forward by three steps, we’ll get the latter sequence as a result. So, by using that logic, we’ll shift the current (teen) sequence back by five steps, the amount of year since Fuutarou meet Kyoto girl. And what we ended up with is: 4,3,5,2,1 the exact same sequence as their current selves.

This… is actually consistent with what Yotsuba said about Ichika being the leader of the quint so it’s natural that Ichika will be at the front of the group. There’s something pinkish on young Nino’s dress which I’m not sure what it is. What’s surprising is that young Yotsuba is lagging behind the other four, considering her physicality in the series. Young Miku stood out from the rest as she’s the only one we could clearly see her face, is looking back which contrast with the other looking forward, as well as being position right at the centre of the cover despite not being in the middle of the sequence.

Now for the chapter itself. While we don’t see what happen after fake Miku drop the bomb last chapter we did see the effect it has on Fuutarou the next day. And to be honest, I’m a bit worried about how this will affect his standing in the national mock exam.

Also, it seems like one of Fuutarou’s priority is to inquire Miku alone. But getting the quint back to passing marks and making into the top 10 of the national mock exams, take precedence over it. Once that’s over, Fuutarou will need to be strategic. Luckily, Miku’s gift is something he could use to his advantage, just make sure Ichika is busy on the day they will visit the gym.
Not that it'd do you any good considering your responses up until this point. A sizable chunk of it's copy pasted examples of you contradicting yourself, quotes of you saying stupid things / using words you don't understand or otherwise justifying my general points.
@Yautja God, it keeps getting longer and longer. Not keen enough to read it up so just forget about it.
Thanks for taking on your time to write all of that. Have your day.
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