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Vol. 2 Ch. 11
This girl is definitely gonna die.... she just make herself into trouble
I am so worried but so hopeful.
To be honest I wasn't expecting this complete reversal of my reaction to this manga. The earlier chapters had minimum jumpscares but the atmosphere was very heavy and it depressed me/making me a bit paranoid every time I had to load a new page. These latest chapters have way more freaky faces outta nowhere and supposedly turbo creepy situations but instead my mood is lightened and I laughed a lot. Thanks to the author's great sense of comedic timing and the Ghostbuster Grandmammy.
>girlfriend acquired
>critical hit on neet ghost
I'm worried about the girl. She doesn't seem to have the heart for this, although she does have the power. This author man. THe sketchy art just gets you...
Good mangaka, not making grandma die in cliché way, she deserve better.

sayuri: Normie exploooode REEEEE !!
mc: no U
sayuri:NANI ?!
*sayuri explode*
The End

though i do wonder, where did granny go to? something related to how she know the ghost name, like going to her relatives house or something
I shouldn't be reading stuff like this past midnight LMAO
Good to see Granny wasn't that affected by what happened at the end of last chapter.

I get the feeling that girl won't be surviving the night though. Bitchass ghost looked a little too happy when she stopped by.