Blue Period.

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3 - Didn't Get Tanned in the Slightest
That remind me a lot of the art lesson I took when I was aiming to enter into architectural school.
(I failed, not that I mind considering my current job). I learned a LOT in a very short time and it was incredibly interesting.
The thing I remember the most was "don't draw lines. Start with a rough outline and then draw shadows. Focus everything about creating depth with shadows. If you capture the contrast well enough the depth will appear by itself."
It feels like I'm back in high school.
The author really portrays the steps a beginner goes through with great care. I had forgotten all about this.

Also! Dessin in the English speaking art community is more commonly known as a still life. They're quite fun once you get the hang of it. Transparent and translucent objects are especially enjoyable to draw.
This manga is really good. And it spits a lot of truth too.
😙😙i love art mangas!! this chapter had me inspired to make more art 😙
Great chapter. Thanks a lot!
Thank you for the chapter!
I'm not an artist but this manga got me thinking a lot about how I think about writing, how it's "not worth it" if I can't make a career out of it. Will try harder to hone my craft from now on, he's right in thinking that art isn't something only people with talent can do! Sometimes when you love it enough, it's worth your time & devotion too.