Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

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Vol. 14 Ch. 139 - Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Discuss
Ayy Mister, No mister...
@Farmuth , i dont understand french language , or is it italian ? please use english . you must be agree with my post and praised me with compliments , right ?

about someone else : just because you can not counter my good , correct , solid , valid points about this manga , you resorted to insult me personally ? doing that wont make this manga better , and wont make my points less correct .
@daywithoutgames you will see someone like this, just because the anime is getting famous they backlash it.
i'm going to say this Manga is not created for specifically you but for readers, If you don't like it don't BS it.
You lack proper etiquette as a proper human being.
@daywithoutgames you may also be the guy who created multiple accounts in MAL just to score the anime adaptation with multiple 1s. What a pathetic loser/hater.
this is good
¿Como te vas a poner así solo por un manga de comedia?, ¿es que acaso algo te está fallando allá arriba?
Dices que son tsunderes pero despues dices que se creen mejor que el otro, si son tsunderes es porque lo que dicen y piensan es distinto obviamente
Bueno si viniste al último capítulo para mi que "no lo soportas" pero lo sigues por que lo disfrutas.

psdt: Eso de siempre tildar al autor de virgen cuando ni sabes que tipo de vida tuvo dejaselos a los niños
@daywithoutgames Finally someone who shares my opinion. I thought I was the only one.
@daywithoutgames: There is a comment section to discuss the comic in general if you go back to the overview, unless you know that and are posting in the comment section of latest chapter thread because you want more attention in which case you should grow up.
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@daywithoutgames Your opinion is incorrect on all levels.

this must be the worst romance(?) and worst comedy(?) manga that i have ever read .

the 1st few chapters , maybe even the very 1st page , kill this entire manga for me .

maybe the manga will get better in later chapters , but i dont care , i dropped it after just only a few chapters .

what twisted logics from the twisted mind of the author :

- in love , there is controls , and controlled ????
- there is the master and the $ex slave ???? the master can step on and piss on the slave ????
- there is obeys and obeyed ????
- there is winner and loser ????
- the one who confess 1st is a fuking loser ????

i bet the author is a virgin , 50-years-old , loser male , and this is his wish-fullfillment manga : he wants a high-school girl to confess to him , so she will become his $ex slave and he can control her .

and both of the main characters are so fugly and annoying :

- they DELUSIONALLY think they are the best geniuses , the most smartest , the most prettiest , the most superior .
- they are so prideful , so full of themselves , so full of hot air .
- they have big egos .
- they are tsundere , or maybe just plain tsun-tsun , with no dere at all .
- they DELUSIONALLY think all the boys/girls in the whole world should just kneel down and confess to them .
- in their heads , they are always thinking : "im the best , but if a lowly commoner like him/her is begging for it , then i will let him/her lick my shoes , just like a lowly dog ."

in some stories , having 1 character with 1 of those characteristics is bad enough , and this manga has TWO characters like that ?

while reading this manga , i cant stop yelling : STOP YOUR NONSENSE BULL-SH!TTINGS . JUST FUK HIM/FUK HER ALREADY .

and they are the perfect netorare materials : just because of some silly , childish reasons , they refuse to confess , so i can already see the end of this manga : the male brat will watch and cry helplessly while a bunch of manly man "take" her , lol . or maybe it is the female brat who will watch and cry helplessly while ...

thanks my dudes
Sniping is all well and good when dealing with shitty delay tactics and similar but this scanlation is downright terrible. The chapter is half rewrite, with multiple cases of text being outright wrong, as is usually the case when you do a translation of a translation. The massive watermark is obnoxious too.
w33btr4sh is an angry Jamani shill. This translation is fine and at least it doesn't try to profit off the mangaka's work.
If any of you guys know Korean y'all would realize that this translation is fucking trash lmao, if you're gonna usurp the establishment you better provide a superior product
Dear god, pls let this chibi form live a bit longer.
I noticed the group name, but I am not picky, and thank god someone upload it right on this website so this website can remember what chapter I read instead of me.
So... this is good, for me.
Dear god, pls let this chibi form live a bit longer.
You people do realize that these guys didn’t get the chapter out first because of some sort of superior work ethic, but because they used low-quality, second hand Korean scans? The actual raws aren’t available until Wednesday every week.
To be fair JB can be lame as fuck and put their restrictions on chapters if they want. I won't go to their site because any restriction means I will immediately disregard their shit on principle. Hope SKT continues to translate before them so that they might get off their high horse.

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Thanks for the chapter!
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