5Toubun no Hanayome

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Vol. 9 Ch. 73 - New Kawanakajima
Omfg, Nino was actually about to point out how neglectful and yet pushy this 'dad' is. I can't believe they haven't even alluded to that other than protag-kun's phone call way back when.

"He has his own life to live. Why don't you set him free?"
That irony though...

"Getting the top rank nationally is absurd!"
Is it really though? For someone who regularly gets 100s in all subjects? I mean obviously what a 100 represents can vary from class to class and school to school but still.

What is the 3-panel comic at the end? (Also someone on the scanlation team has a good sense of humor, these end-pages regularly make me lol)

@sabercantbethiscute Right? xD It's so forced!
suddenly forced drama bullshit
Hm there's a few more chapters up right now but I need to take a break from this. Binging the whole thing and hitting yet another "I'll show you improved grades, so stop trying to replace me as the tutor" check point right near the end of the available chapters was just too much. Might as well let the backlog of chapters build up again for awhile.
@Zephyrus - That's fine, it was me getting my thoughts out as I finally blocked that person. I didn't really enjoy having the majority of series and chapters I read having basically the same exact post about how bad it is / how bad the author is / how low quality everything about it is from the same user over and over in every comment section.

I'm here to enjoy the work people share and authors create with other like minded people who seemed to have similar tastes (not that I can't handle people criticizing / having alternate opinions -- that's not only fine, it's welcome!) so it bothers me when I see repetitive trashing of things in a baseless manner that's only looking to anger fans of the series and/or people trying to have real discussion. Especially when it brings nothing to the table in terms of the discussion, at all, and is essentially the same exact comment over and over, chapter after chapter on dozens of series.

I know I was rather immature but I stupidly decided it would be better to try and say something in an attempt to improve things, clue others into the fact that this is how that user acts / posts in every chapter / on every series and to hopefully try and change that user for the better than to just block them without giving any sort of feedback / criticism / notify other users of what I've seen over and over. But, I will say that it's kinda crappy that I'm getting warned when the thing that spurred the entire situation was my reaction to their repetitive "vitriolic language" to attack authors / artists / stories every single time I see their posts, which isn't limited to only a handful of them.

And lastly, sorry for wasting your time when you could be doing much more important things, Zephyrus! Thanks for your hard work.
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It's perfectly fine to criticize another user. However, we don't support using especially vitrolic language to attack another user.

In the future, consider either blocking a user so you don't have to see their posts or criticizing their behavior in a less vulgar manner.


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Yotsuba's the one who said ichika has work


I keep thinking that myself every time he says it. And he’s said it three or four times at least.

So unless it’s an error In how he’s coming across (queue the misunderstandings trope) maybe we will get a true harem ending?

Not likely...
"suitable for my daughters"
What did dad mean by this? harem ending??
@Wildfire_desu umm sorry, are you implying yotsuba arc would make this manga worse because it following romcom tropes? because it's not, character development is important in almost every kind of story

"so far it looks like it fails in doing that bit by bit"
i agree with this one tho, after nino double confession i don't really feel anything that differentiate this from another romcom
@ikhwan26 for this manga to be exceptional and not just decent and well-drawn, it MUST be different from the other harem roms. so far it looks like it fails in doing that bit by bit
>be the most supportive toubun
>painfully pull herself from the bowl
>doesn't even get the long arc she deserve
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I just realized Uesugi and his new stalker are named after Sengoku generals.

Miku is a super fan of Sengoku generals.

This is Miku's story. #Facts #Logic
shouldn't the father be the main cause for the bad grades?
really he has to go that far just cause his grades dropped a little bit....fuck off
@onepunchman Manga will obviously end with 11th volume and cover will feature true bride or all 5 of them in wedding dresses.
end is near?
what happen to the drawing quality!?
This reminds me of Haganai and Sena’s “rivalry” (obsession) with Yozora that went beyond creepy. Her room’s ceiling was filled with Yozora’s photos, she also sniffed (god knows how long) a wig Yozora wore...
"you and I could make a bad vengeance" lolz
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