Shen Yin Wang Zuo

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Ch. 146 - Long Hao Chen's Decision
The average life expectancy is a bit higher for women than men, so the probability was never favouring Haochen's plan. Chances are he would be dying first, with Cai'er following a little later.
@SoloSera No No No, She knew he wouldn't accept a Life without her in it that was the wager he says she died to revive him and if he agrees to take his power he wins the wager and the MC dies and she has to accept the Necromancer's inheritance,
her wagered was if he hears what happened he would want her brought back if he said it was impossible then Hao Chen would follow her and die again for her
Thanks Bro Sosul, Potato, Dq, @WhiteCloudPavilion

keep spirit
we will waiting next chapter

Wait, so...she knew he would kill himself if she sacrificed her heart to revive him? Then why would she make that suggestion if she expects the outcome to be both of their deaths?