Cohabitation with My Fiancée

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Ch. 72 - A Time for Just the Two of Them (2)
My man finally grew a pair and it only took 72 chapters. Rejoice.
what a cuck man, i dropped this manhwa long ago but i still curious. MC still cuck ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘
Things just got steamy.

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People have been trying to get me banned for months, yet I am still here ๐Ÿค—

I know the rules and I don't break them. However there is this special feeling when people get in trouble when trying to get me in trouble lol.
@kronix you're gonna get banned for breaking kayfabe
@givemersspls thanks for the info, to be completely honest I had no idea there was a conspiracy against the kids dad faking the whole engagement thing.

I could see where they are coming from but I really don't understand the purpose behind it... Like you said it just negatively impacted the kid at first thus going flight or fight mode at the beginning.

To answer your question... If you are referring to the "hurry up and fuck", "beta male etc etc Mc", "when they fucking?" or anything close to that, then yes they are troll messages which i think have some truth behind them when discussing chapters or w/e.

Also sometimes I will post lengthy messages with more serious tone when I feel like it ๐Ÿ˜‹
@kronix Which part are you curious about? A lot of commenters in previous chapters (here as well as on the translator's website) have had the idea that the father has set everything up. That's why he introduced the lie that Ma-Ri was Sang-Won's fiancée.

There's actually some support behind it. If you think about it, why the hell did he need to do that? He invited Ma-Ri over to his house in order to get her away from an oppressive environment with her parents. That makes sense. But why did he need to tell his own son that this was his [son's] new fiancée? What good does that do? As we saw, it put Sang-Won on edge, ESPECIALLY when he found out that Ma-Ri was lying about doing housework. If the father had just told Sang-Won that Ma-Ri was suffering from social phobia, then you'd think Sang-Won would've been more understanding and caring. It likely would've made things easier on everyone involved.

Then there have been a number of conversations that the father has had with Ma-Ri. He explicitly was prodding her feelings and trying to see how she felt about Sang-Won. I'm not citing chapters at the moment because it's late for me, but those conversations did happen.

Then there's the strongest evidence. Ma-Ri's grandmother outright says that Sang-Won's dad and Ma-Ri's dad were such close friends that they discussed having their children get married, or something like that. That happened just a few chapters ago, and that's exactly what this seems to be, some elaborate attempt to hook the two up.

My problem is why the hell does it need to be this elaborate and crazy of a scheme?

Also legit curious, do you troll, or are those honestly what you believe in a lot of other comment threads?
yeah boi
We have a Dork of an MC here and a Woman who hasn't hit puberty yet...

Wat do you mean? I am legit curious I got no idea, what u talking about ๐Ÿ™‚
Is this what that horrible asshole of a father wanted from the very start? Was all of this bullshittery that he caused really necessary to achieve this result?

I say this because other people have said things like oh, the father wanted to hook the two of them up, so that's why he lied to his son's face, betrayed his son's trust, and was an all-around enabler and exacerbator of Ma-Ri's social phobia.