Saiki Kusuo no PSI Nan

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Vol. 22 Ch. 233 - Choosing the Best Person to Walk Home from PSIchool With
Oh, the apple pen joke mysteriously transformed into a McDonald's joke... creepy.
I wonder how Saiki also got involved and published as hero in the newspaper XDDD The readers know that he really did help with stopping the robbers....but from others' perspective he was just standing there watching his friend defeating the bad guy? Oh weeeell XDD
That is actually a pretty fun way to play Rock Paper Scissors. But... if it isn't appropriate for high schoolers to be yelling about hydraulic super size parties in public, I can only imagine how inappropriate it is for a group of clearly not high schoolers...

Is that Hairo's first time being in the newspaper or something? I would imagine that at this point, the press would be like "oh it's this guy again," or have their own "Hairo Heroisms" corner