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Ch. 72 - The Rumour About the Class Reps
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun cross over also? OO
I think Yotsuba is the one he marries..
I love you guys for that credits page. 😘
@Xystus why are people so quick to assume 428's ship has sunk? If anything I think Fuu-kun was trying to say, "I have no chance with her, why would she want to date a guy like me?"

Or at least that's the vibe I got. He's not the type of guy to think he's "above" any of the quint sisters?
Yeah. Even though the one I support never wins, I still end up supporting them. I just want them to win so they'll be happy. Guess that's kind of weird since they don't really exist, but I can't help feeling that way about characters I like. 😊

You seem like a nice person. I hope you're happy too!
@SoloSera I don't believe you should be discouraged from supporting who you support. Although I do at times rant and banter about the other heroines not being up to snuff for myself, if you have a reason to stick to them, stick on strong. Because really, a good number of people go through that suffering for supporting a character they like. But does that mean it was meaningless? Hell no. If your pick is a good one, and you believe in it, keep to it. If they don't win, good game and good sportsmanship.

Plus, in the end of it all, being the winning girl/guy doesn't mean that they are "best girl/guy." We've seen enough series and read much to understand that is not the case at all when there is meddling by the author or publisher. For those who "happen" to support the winning girl all the time... well, I don't believe it is appropriate right now to go on that sorrowful tangent.
At this point, supporting Ichika is suffering. Luckily, I only started reading this today. I can't imagine how long some people have had to support a character that only has a 25% chance of winning(because the one I support never wins). Maybe I should stop reading this until it's finished.
This comments are long af.
@Kotalier I like your theory, especially because it picks at a new detail, no matter how small and insignificant it can be to others. I would have liked to hear more about your theories on Ichika and Itsuki too, since for Ichika, the only argument thus far I've found have been less theory and more "rough evidence + I think so stubbornly" as much as I want to believe their intentions to be more whole-hearted.

My stance with Miku has been more on the lines of doubt in her being the Kyoto girl because of her attitude which has been the least connected to "being a role model" or whatever adoration for the quints' mother. Doesn't mean she has less heart to it, but at the least from what I've seen, that has been downplayed and the story arcs surrounding Miku have felt more like a journey of steady romance from scratch than an individual who once knew Fuutarou and is starting anew. Some can argue the latter, but with the intro of Rena (and even if there is a possibility that Rena isn't young Rena) I find it that unless the author is pulling big spins, Miku is lower on my list for being the girl. However, among the girls, I'd say Miku stands at Second of being the one to marry Fuutarou... simply from the standpoint of how she is approaching the relationship.

Ichika and Itsuki have been possible candidates, but with lacking evidence in mind. They could be the Kyoto girl, but don't have substantial pointers that are assuring enough. Of course, clues for Yotsuba could also be read as "not substantial" so this may be a subjective thought on how important clues for the two are. Itsuki though feels like she is in the lead due to how many times Itsuki is downplayed as "main heroine" and more as someone who is a friendly relationship with Fuutarou and his family. Plus, the handful of times panels and whatnot have connected Itsuki to the girl (such as when she states "you are necessary to us" as Fuutarou laid on the bed after returning from the forest field trip). But from what I feel with both, the author isn't trying to weave either to be "the Kyoto girl," and if one of them are in the end, the author is attempting a stealth identity with either. I've just haven't been appealed with reasons such as "Ichika is an actress" because as we see with others like Miku, any of the girls could be good at disguises, especially if it's among the quints.

I stick to Yotsuba being the Kyoto girl because among the five, she has had the least assurance of who she is. Of course, many have blanketed her as "the supportive side heroine" but I do beckon people to look further. As @chocolatedounut has stated, she may be more than she is (as for me, I've detected this all along). The author hasn't made it obvious, but by now, especially with this chapter, I'd wish for people to notice that the author is stating in secret that Yotsuba has a deeper layer to her energetic and seemingly dumb exterior. The lack of book smarts (or is seemingly cuckoo) does not always mean a person is incapable of scheming, although we are conditioned to think like so. But with how Yotsuba has acted, from being Fuutarou's ally from the very start (even for someone as perky as her, she wouldn't just help a stranger like Fuutarou from nowhere, even if in good faith), to the brief moments where she pulls a smile in what some could call "the stepford smiler." Her smiles are not fake, but it's obvious her feelings/thoughts are much more complicated that what people give credit to her for.
3 chapters ago Yotsuba fans are nowhere to be found... now people finally see the angel in her lol
That scanlator page at the end is so on point
It was obvious when he smiled in that once chapter
Actually, I think that Takeda was brought in by the quint's father to be a rival/foil to Futarou. I see the father using Takeda as a way of enticing his daughters back to being "obedient, sensible" girls who won't defy and argue with their father's authority. Right now, he sees them as being bratty willful children, instead of growing young women, testing out their wings. It's apparent he's having a hard time letting them grow up and away from him. I think his scheme of introducing Takeda and attempting to re-exert control over the quints is doomed to failure, and there could be lasting consequences to it.

It's also interesting that Miku's attraction to Futuarou is now known to all of her sisters. It appears she's in competition with her older sisters (Ichika and Nino) and getting help from her younger sisters (Yotsuba and Itsuki). I still think Miku is watching her older sisters carefully, but is still following her strategic plan to become the girl that Futarou would want to marry. She still is too shy for now to open up to Futarou about her attraction to him, and I think it's because she doesn't feel that she's the girl he'd want to marry yet. So she goes on in improving those things that Futarou said were important to him.

Since the wedding takes place some 3-4 years after high school, I think she has the right idea and strategy. No sense in making reckless confessions, when you don't feel you're ready for it. She'll make her confession to Futarou when she feels ready to be the woman he wants to marry, at the time and place that she feels most comfortable in doing so. Strategy and timing are everything, as befits a Sengkogu Warlords fangirl.

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I wonder if Takeda will be a love interest for one or more of the quints?
Since a few in the comments already mentioned Yotsuba's selflessness, I say then it would only make sense that she should be the bride because she will then share her hubby with her thirsty sisters. Harem route preserved, milk'em girls
Since Nino didn’t comply with Miku’s request. Maybe Miku will now ask Fuutarou herself for what he wants for a present, as oppose to asking others to find out for her. I hope with this way, she will face him properly and not weave around with deception like all the other times.

And it looks like Fuutarou is doing his own little investigation into who kiss him. As we see Fuutarou in page 10, seem to be examining Yotsuba’s eyes. And from the last three chapter, he was looking at the lips of Ichika and Nino.

When Yotsuba bring up Miku as his potential interest, Fuutarou is surprise and question why she brings up Miku, possibly wanting to know her reasoning but Yotsuba didn’t really give him a proper answer for his inquiry.

Now, it’s theory time, hopefully it’ll be less bias toward Miku than my first theory on who's Rena.

[Who is the Kyoto girl?]

In this period, everyone is very similar to one another, so it’s hard to pin down who’s who. But what period was this from? Was it before or after their mother’s death, or before she was hospitalised? I say that Fuutarou meeting Kyoto girl, is prior before her mother death as the picture we see in Ch.14, show that all the quint was smiling. Whether it was before or after their mother being hospitalize, I do not know.

Then we get into why she is alone by herself. Originally, I thought it was because she was lost herself, but after thinking about it. I believe that she chose him to follow him. When Fuutarou first met her, she rescue him from the police by said that saw everything, but what if she really DID mean that she saw EVERYTHING. From Fuutarou lagging behind the group, to his departure and eventual sulking at the base of the steps. What if she chose to follow him because of how similar her circumstance are to him?

Keep in mind that we do not know the entire event. We all know what kind of impact Kyoto girl had on him but what about her? What kind of impact does Fuutarou has on Kyoto girl? Given how Fuutarou is at this age, I can’t really come up with any suitable answer except, he is there with her.

Which leads me to question, does Kyoto girl even remember or know that the boy she met five years ago is Fuutarou at the start of the series? It’s possible that with their mother’s death, plus a five-year gap may have overshadow and fuzzy the memories of Kyoto and it was not until much later that Kyoto girl realize who Fuutarou really is.

People have speculated as to the identity of the unknown childhood boy from ch.68 as Fuutarou itself, but I personally will have to disagree with that. One, I don't think that trip last more than one day, given how light those kids were carrying and I did not once see any adult supervision for Fuutarou’s group if this was going to be a more than one day trip for “elementary school kids”. Two, there doesn't seem to have any indication from Fuutarou himself that he ever meets Kyoto girl again for a second time in the past. And three, where will they find each other again after that day? From what I know they didn't exchange any contact number or address. Four, if they met each other again why didn’t Fuutarou ask for her name. Five, that silhouette does not match how Fuutarou looks like five years ago.

Also, it seems that teenage Rena and Kyoto girl are one and the same. So, if you want to know my thought and reasons as to who I think teenage Rena is you can search for my name in the comment forum of Ch.68, but short answer is that I think the likely candidate is Miku, followed by Ichika and then Itsuki.

While I don’t know how to prove that Miku is Kyoto girl other than through teenage Rena, but author and artist alike tend to like their weird symbolism and foreshadowing. So, forgive me if this theory sounds a bit too outlandish and far-fechting but, looking at the card Fuutarou had on hand when he played with his friends, we could maybe use them as representatives for the quint.

(K/H, K/S, 6/S, A/C, A/H)
(K/H, K/S, A/C, A/H, A/S)

Now I don’t play cards, but I do know a bit about pattern. From the first hand, the odd one out is obviously the 6 of Spades, with the other card Ace of Clubs being a very minor difference. Fuutarou then discards the middle card and we resulted with our second hand.

The odd one out is still the middle card but the one that he draws by discarding 6 of Spades is the Ace of Spades. So, by that logic the candidate for Kyoto girl is either the Ace of Clubs or Ace of Spades. If we go by the order in which they were born then Miku or Itsuki are the likely candidate, if we go by the order of the picture shown in ch.14 then Itsuki and Ichika are the candidate.

I had read a comment from the anime discussion of episode 3 at Reddit, that elaborate the meaning of each of the quint's name. What caught my attention was Miku’s name, the second half of her name mean “Beautiful Black Jewel”. Both middle cards and the new card are black, furthermore the new card could be viewed like a black jewel, so there’s that.

But regardless of whether people argue if Kyoto girl is either Ichika, Miku, Yotsuba, or Itsuki. We eventually need to address the comment that Nino made when she saw the photo. I have three ideas on how and why Nino could vaguely recognise young Fuutarou. One, is right at end where Kyoto girl leave with her father, the rest of the quint were nearby, and they saw him. Two, while Kyoto girl is with Fuutarou, her family went looking for her when they notice she was not around and after awhile Nino caught glimpse of her sister with a blonde boy but wasn’t able to reach them, so she informed their father about it. Three, Kyoto girl drew a picture of him at home and show it to Nino and presumably the others too.
I'd like to believe Yotsuba is in the race all the way back in chapter 21. She's just conflicted about her standing among the sisters in the race that's all.

That promotional picture with 4 sisters holding Itsuki's face is telling me that Yotsuba will be offically in the fight soon. And then all of them will be helping Itsuki with her feelings when she goes full tsundere in her own arc.

Just a guess, but not too far off I think.
You know, if the mangaka really is being pressured to stretch the series, I wouldn't mind if they went all in with this Yotsuba arc and put a twist in it.

By making Yostuba turn out to acctually be more intelligent than most readers gives her credit for?

But aware that she's no good at studying and awfully slow minded.

But loves seeing others happy and does her best to cheer people up by doing what she does best: pulling a Yotsuba and enjoying being in her own child-like personality.

Maybe Yotsuba is an even better actor than we have her credit for? (But has been expressing most of her true personality the whole time? Save for her being self aware of her weaknesses?)

But also secretly liking MC but knowing she's not really a contender in the race.
(We can already kinda tell she's been kinda hiding her feelings reeeeeeeealy well from MC on page 17)

It would be really interesting to see that kind of Yotsuba rather than a "Oh, happy go lucky, I'm a sidekick cheerleader here to only stretch out a few chapters of the manga~"

... The more I'm writing about this theoretical Yotsuba, the more I wanna see this mangaka throw a twist into Yotsuba's personality by adding one more dimension to her and make a *real* good Yostuba arc. If we're taking time to take a Yotsuba detour, I wanna see it make it worth my while.
@du5k Yes, if the Publisher wants to milk the series, they can press/force a manga artist to do just that. Bleach and Naruto faced this, so if the Publisher sees Gotoubun to be worth staying, Negi-sensei may be subject to the same treatment.
Yotsuba is not a harem candidate
she is the best wingman one could wish for
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