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Vol. 16 Ch. 153 - Dad's Message
Eve is a parasite
Y tease Ebino again we already know it's not gonna happen :(
Hahaha okay, well, I see this more as a difference in point of views. It seems that your point is that the father cannot care for Tarou because it's stressed how obsessed he is with FLZs (only slightly getting better as he changed his objective after the incident). That and having FLZ to be dangerous is bs. I think we have to put aside whether having FLZ is life threatening because there's not much that confirms it aside from the father's sudden conjecture (and we aren't really sure where he got the idea from - either from experiencing the strain of FLZ or his research). Having FLZ as life threatening did seem to come out of nowhere, but considering the Dad who is the only one to say so is away now, I doubt it will be that relevant to the plot (as the author seems to be more focused on his future love life than life&death). So it might be a waste of time to debate on this until it becomes relevant again. At most, it just showed how dangerous the FLZ strain could be if used excessively.

Back to whether the father is only cares for FLZ or he is also concerned for his son. I think it's still safe to say that he does care for his son. Even before he found out about Eve, Tarou regaining his ability, and the power is transferable, he was already intent on removing Eve from Tarou. He was relieved that Tarou lost his ability.
If he only cares about his research, he wouldn't feel so because that means losing an important living sample. Only Kurumes have this ability as far as he knows. Having someone with ability would greatly help his research but he didn't want it which is counterproductive. Wanting to see FLZ doesn't have to be a lie though. As I've said before, both could fuel his motivation. Like how a guy wants to watch porn but won't let his son or little brother have it to not taint them kind of thing? If I have to say, the father is obsessed with FLZ but doesn't want the same for his sons (at least he managed to start a family unlike what Tarou is planning), so he wants to keep them out of it as he don't think they can manage. He even gave up the idea of seeing them for his self after experiencing the strain (which probably what led him to call them life threatening rather than simple dangerous temptations).

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I think having a FLZ is also included in what the father considers dangerous because it's clearly Eve who was causing the strain on Tarou (whenever she goes in activity).

And Risu had to explain to him what the cause of Tarou collapsing was because he didn't know what happened... Meaning his father had no idea about that. Difficult to save someone when you had no idea that they were ever potentially in harms way.

Well, in a way, seeing them can also be considered dangerous because Ibusuki is forced to act like a man which gets in the way of her love life (but that's not directly related to life-threatening situation).

...I don't really consider "I crossdress by choice" to be... "dangerous." Like you said. Also, he was supposedly concerned about Tarou, not Risu. It was only after he failed that he made it a priority to help her, which I don't see how anyone could have an issue with it.

Anyways, she doesn't have FLZ so she doesn't really get the strain unless she touch and influence them (but that's unknown information to him). He does want to remove the ability from her too, though.

Well, Tarou's father knows that she has the ability... which she certainly shouldn't have. And, by all accounts, got it from Tarou. He probably doesn't know Risu can influence the zombies like Tarou (and, to be honest, this is some we as readers don't know much about, it was touched on early on and then kinda sidestepped and forgot about for the most part; but it was implied that Risu knew far more than she let on about interacting with them), but he does know that Risu was the one that immediately knew and explained what was happening to Tarou. Considering that Tarou's dad is basically a mini Michio Kaku and he's legit god damn OBSESSED with first love zombies... It wouldn't be a huge stretch to go "yeah, this girl knows way too much about this that easily to not have first person knowledge of it."

The father won't really get anything from taking Eve as he cannot see them in the first place.

Ah, not true. Risu got her ability from interacting with Tarou. It's unclear what Tarou's father knew and when, but he clearly knows it now and we didn't see Tarou/Risu explaining everything to him. So he knows the ability can be transferred or otherwise acquired by people they don't have it, because Risu didn't have it until she meet Tarou and no known cases of women, certainly none outside their family, have had the ability before. Granted, I highly doubt he knows HOW or indeed WHY. But that doesn't matter. To someone obsessed like him, the mere fact that it can be done is all the matters. The rest is simply details to him.

So he either got that idea from that experience, his research, or the author pulling stuff for plot.

Considering this literally happened within several pages, I think we can safely go "plot contrivance." Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last. The fact that he quickly pulled that horseshit line so suddenly out of the blue and SO CONVENIENTLY is also part of the reason why I doubt he truly wanted to help Tarou. Because, if he did, he wouldn't be going on multiple times about stealing the ability/Tarou giving him the ability. Imagine going up to a suicide jumper who is just about to jump off a ledge and telling them, "Let me have your wallet! Give me your money!" and the jumper loses their balance and almost falls and you suddenly change to "I just want to help you! You could die!" - all within a short period of time. That's too much of a juxtaposition in too short of a time to be taken seriously. (And, yes, I realize that the two situations are not similar. It's just to showcase how ridiculous Tarou's father is being.)
I think having a FLZ is also included in what the father considers dangerous because it's clearly Eve who was causing the strain on Tarou (whenever she goes in activity). Though I'm not sure if he thinks "just" seeing them is dangerous (he's intent on removing the ability on Ririsu though). Well, in a way, seeing them can also be considered dangerous because Ibusuki is forced to act like a man which gets in the way of her love life (but that's not directly related to life-threatening situation). Anyways, she doesn't have FLZ so she doesn't really get the strain unless she touch and influence them (but that's unknown information to him). He does want to remove the ability from her too, though.

The father won't really get anything from taking Eve as he cannot see them in the first place. Also, in the beginning, before he found out Tarou got his ability back, he already told the sister that it's better if Tarou doesn't see FLZ (if I remember correctly) even though having the ability back would greatly help with his research into seeing them as he got a living sample. So he's already intent on stopping Tarou from seeing Eve even before he found out how "special" she is. I think he realized how dangerous having FLZ is when he felt the strain on his self and saw Tarou's collapse though. That's why he changed his research from "being able to see them" to "stop seeing them". So he either got that idea from that experience, his research, or the author pulling stuff for plot.

As I said earlier, there's leeway for both sides of the argument as there's still a lot of unknown information. Nothing's certain unless confirmed or showed. As for what you said about grandpa: 1. Is that the case? I kinda consider "whole life" to mean from moment of birth to death. But I'm from Asia so my understanding maybe different from English speaking countries. 2. I can see the silhouette to be fitting for a grandfather but I'm the skeptic type so I don't use term certainly or definitely unless it's completely shown. The grandpa not mentioning anything is not really proof because you can say that he doesn't know or realize it, etc etc. In short, due to lack of information, author has leeway to still pull it.
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Yes, and he was also older than Tarou (Tarou's great grandfather was ~24)... WHO ALSO ONLY RECENTLY STARTED SEEING FIRST LOVE ZOMBIES. If anyone is at risk, and the onus is on them to prove it, it's Risu, NOT Tarou. Especially since she's the only female that we know of that can see them and is doing so by proxy and has been doing so this ENTIRE TIME. Tarou? No.

Also, IIRC, his great grandfather mentioned past family history and nothing about health effects was mentioned.
Just checked, yep:

And we can safely assume that Tarou's father would ALSO know this same knowledge after having investigated the family's ability. This is proof positive that the ability is not deadly (and before anyone gets clever with "b-b-but his 'whole life' can mean that he died at 30!" - 1.) Tarou's great grandfather made no mention of this. "Whole life" implies not dying young. 2.) The silhouette of him is clearly that of an older man.). And I would think if there was a possible connection to short lifespan and the ability, Tarou's great grandpa would've maybe, I dunno, mentioned it during this exchange.
Well, I just want to point out (as stated by another user here) that the grandfather "lost" his ability for years and only got it back in his old age after hitting his head. So it is still unknown if constantly keeping your FLZ will shorten your lifespan, unless the father had researched their family history and saw that those with ability that stayed single didn't get to live past 40. But that's unstated so there's leeway for both sides of the argument.

Personally, I don't find the big deal why it can't be both. Like, he wants the ability for his self but at the same time, wants to free Tarou from being fully committed to his FLZ. Humans are pretty complicated creatures and they can be pretty contrary but still find both sides as true. He's still an @ss to Eve though, so the hate for his character is understandable
People who keep using gramps as an example of someone living a long life with a FLZ need to go back and re-read that arc. HIS GREAT GRAMPA COULDN'T SEE THEM FOR 70 YEARS.
Yup, that's pretty much how I see the situation too. Though I think Eve actually already knows a lot about Tarou's heart and feelings but it's not because "she" herself doesn't want to know that she didn't realize it. It's because it is Tarou who doesn't want Eve to know it so she won't be gone. Being ignorant is not Eve's own will but his own. He wants to stay with Eve forever so she doesn't disappear, and it's also him who wants to continue the charade. First Love zombies are directly affected by their creator's desires (not only by their clothing and personality, but also knowledge as shown in the Christmas Eve birthday event where she was ignorant of Tarou's feelings and just believed his excuses until she became a broken hearted zombie who is out of his control and revealed it all to Ibusuki. She became ignorant and ditzy again afterwards when she became normal again (going back to her FLZ form he could influence). Tarou himself realized that Eve becomes unknowing on things he doesn't want her to know or find out .
I think the Other!Eve she saw is her version that was unrestrained by Tarou's desires and in a way, her true self as the current Eve is modified accordingly to Tarou's desires. If I remember correctly, he also said "Eve was cursed to love him" as a FLZ. So I think her true will is those that doesn't go accordingly to Tarou's wishes or favor (ie. not wanting Ibusuki to unsee her or wanting to see what happened next after he and Ibusuki kissed/confessed in confusion).

I think it'll be cool if the final boss (if there will be one) ends up being Tarou himself. Because he wants to protect Eve, he will enforce what he thinks is best for her (like staying with him forever because she'll disappear otherwise). Completely disregarding her wish to be "fulfilled" because he thinks she's just a first love zombie who doesn't know what's best for herself. He doesn't realize that his desire to "keep" Eve is what's trapping her and causing trouble for everyone including his self. Eve being freed from Tarou is her own self-fulfillment as a completely independent being and is also what will free everyone into moving on for their future.

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Everyone that still believes Tarou's father was being altruistic and only trying to help his son is delusional.

Tarou's father knows that his grandfather had this same condition and wasn't at threat because of it. His "I'm doing this to save my son" is a bullshit red herring excuse that is in contradiction with something he already knows as a character. In fact, as evidenced, his attempt to "save" his son did more harm than any possible good. And he knows that people in his family have lived for decades with this without any ill effects because he's researched this for years as well.

I'm sorry, but no, Tarou's dad was not altruistic there. He stated time and time again that he wants Tarou's power. Him suddenly going "but I want to save Tarou from dying from it... despite his grandfather living with it for decades just fine!" is horseshit and trying to justify it to himself. The fact he looks like a defeated man and is giving up on it and only going to help Risu (who is seeing this by proxy and is open to losing it) shows even he's realizing he was in the wrong now, too.
Don't resurface the Ebino ship only to torpedo it again you monster!
Leave Ebino alone faggot author.
idk if credit page is a joke or a distress call
I'm starting to wonder if Eve herself already knows Ririsu is a girl but refuses to admit it. Everyone is playing this sort of dangerous game where Tarou knows Ririsu is a girl but won't say it because he doesn't want Eve to disappear, Ririsu knows Tarou knows but won't prod him or say anything for the same reason, and Eve knows Ririsu is a girl but has that thought locked up because she doesn't want to disappear or wants to be with Tarou, in either case because she has her own will.

So it's a ridiculous tense situation where nobody can do anything because they can't or else they will see a real consequence while getting no closer to solving the initial problem. The manga seems to be headed in a dumb and desperate direction and that's probably the point, because the characters themselves have no clue what they're doing and are just brute forcing any solution with maybe some shed of hope, like some emotional MacGyver without a plan.

Like of course the best solution is Tarou just admitting he loves Ririsu and stop using Eve as a substitute. But I think now that it's been brought up, Eve will DEFINITELY confirm Ririsu is a girl before he does anything, that much is clear.

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Yeah, please. Fall in love with Ebino definitively.
At this point, I'm wondering if Eve is a subconscious psychic link with Ibusuki, and if Eve found out what she is, she'd just merge and become part of Ibusuki again. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing though. All that would need to happen for Eve to stay with Tarou is for him to get together with Ibusuki.
Really Zombie? We're back on the Ebino train? Let it die. Just end already.
EDIT:(For a short version read only the underlined parts.)

A romcom going in circles shouldn't be something new for anyone here, but even though this manga did this before, it never stayed there. When ever it was done, at some point something was added to the relationships or the knowledge about FLZs, like arcs should do (even if I wouldn't classify those as arcs). And then every circle was broken at some point and we moved on with the story and ended in another.

BUT The story did progress. Many other romcoms don't accomplish this in such a good way. Some of those characters grew (what makes it so painful to see them going in circles again, but this is due to them ignoring facts, denying reality and running from it, so it is also part of their character growth in the long run.)

Many of the core secrets of this story have come to light. Tarou and nearly everyone who matter know, that Ibusuki is a girl, the secret of seeing FLZs is also out. Some love interest is now out their to get a hold on Tarou's di...heart. Point is, the mangaka doesn't have that many turns left to go in circles. This here is the endgame. And it is a big one. Not such a bullshitty finale like in Nisekoi, in which it all came crashing down (way too many ships to sink). It circles into a conclusion and there is no way to escape. Even the editors can't change that. (They could, but it would break the story. ?)

On the matter of the JS TarouXEbino: That ship never really sank, though it doesn't look like it will make it. That ship has run aground and is damaged, but Ebino tries her best to get it free and she made sure it wouldn't sink from the damage it took. In a race it wouldn't win, but, while both ahead, the JS TarouXEve is in trouble and the USS TarouXIbusuki isn't event trying to make it to the finish line. Ebino made everything right. She doesn't want to make the situation awkward, made sure to be still "available" and seemingly stands on the sideline by not becoming clingy and yet trying to be informed and not be out of the loop again (which lead to her being turned down).

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I feel like Ibusuki has had more than enough chances to be with Tarou at this point.
Tarou tried to get her to be with her and she just rejected all his attempts.
I feel like she just needs to fucking stop at this point and just leave Tarou and Eve do whatever they want.

Edit: Also the dad is a cunt for not knowing the situation and truth and just trying to force something on them as an attempt to fix a non-existent problem.

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