I Am a Child of This House

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Ch. 15
This whole talk about "we learn to love because of you, mix-girl", is giving me some serious incest warning bells.
Realistically, this is actually a pretty great trope to use to do just that, and focus an entire story on a family that needs to lay with their own blood in order to be happy. Hibby jibbies.

This is is gonna be a necropost, but I got an answer for ya.
Try to think back to the earlier chapters, in which the brother was ill. He grasped at the girl, and told her that he instructed everyone in the mansion not to visit him. I believe that shows that regardless of what they say, they are still uncomfortable with humans around, but not to the extent that they cannot get used to it.
The dad seems much less bothered by them. He did have sex with a few human women, after all...So it is something that is expected of the brother to grow more accustomed to as well.
but what about the servants and their knights? they are human?
Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghh she's too precious
In that case, they could update this version without watermarks after like 2 hours (or whatever time it takes to rip from mangadex)
But they didn't.
@allexio Well... Other places do go into Mangadex and rips it for their websites... You could view it like that.
That you would add these stupid watermarks to ruin your work when mangadex is a website where you are the master of your own content is beyond me...
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thank for the chapter.
So I guess the pureblood Castillo are born loner?