This Girl is a Little Wild

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Ch. 3 - A New Life
@Viopera ok thanks a lot for clarifying that
you should make a note about it with the next release so others are not confused either :D
@silverdust the inconsistency is due to my mistakes. I didnt double check and change it to Earl. As far as i know there's two words for "Earl" in chinese, but the translator translated it as duke instead. Their named also got altered because this is a manhwa that got adapted into chinese and was translated from chinese, i forgot to fix their last name on one of the bubble, she suppose to be Sila Epheria and the Epheria house, not Ivanlyer
this chapter has so many inconsistencies
like wasn't she the Earl's daughter?
and also the whole contract thingi as well...
Aww poor her... you can't beat loneliness on your own :(

I'll marry you if i could