Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction

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Vol. 8 Ch. 60
Finally caught up to this after a 3 day binge. Getting into this almost immediately after PunPun is so wild...everyone in the nihilistic manga series is so cute and nice...I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY.
And now all the twists seem to be coming in full-force. I guess this’ll finally explain why our main point of view were of these girls and nobody else. I’m guessing in a way they’re the reason why this distopian invasion happened...probably due to childish and selfish reasons (20th Century Boys’ vibes intensify)
That’s a lot of baggage!

I might like this even better than is the update status/schedule for this manga? Is it monthly/weekly/are there many breaks?
I'm so glad we're finally learning some really interesting things about this story.
While the atmosphere and character building has been really great so far, I'm more than ready for plenty of explanations lol
I want Ontan to crush me between her thighs.
This build up is literally killing me
Good way to die.