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Vol. 6 Ch. 42 - Wilted
Just thought I'd drop a few translation differences here because I find song/poetry translations/localization interesting as I think it's ones of things that's harder(?) to translate to another language if the translator wants to keep in rhythm, rhyme, and/or meaning.

VIZ:Baguette Scans

Your soft and supple bark gives a chance to float,
all of my ginger coat.
Together with your hips' silhouettes,
your skin, your lips, your curves and all your assets,
offer a glimpse to your body's delights.
Your gasping breath and breaking voice at nights,
represent to my senses amazing treats.
Let's play, my sweet Jill, go under the sh-
When I lay against your soft bark
In my heart you light a spark
And the curved shape of your thighs
Promise the sweetest prize,
Your skin, your lips, your voluptuous body,
Your panting breath, your broken voice,
your sensuality,
Gift my senses with the greatest sensation,
O Jill, flower of mine, the sight of you gives
me a har...

O, Jill
Goddess of these woods,
Let me please enjoy your
beautiful goods?
O Jill, goddess of these woods,
Would you allow me to merge
with your goods?

Myr - Imp:Pixie
Yggdrajill - Sylvan:Dryad
Ah man I love Myr.
Gotta love when the characters take on a serious look
Guess melie is confirmed best wafiu now
@breizh Yes it's very weird for her to keep saying vous to him until now but she's very polite/keeps her distance I guess.
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The shamanic plane thing seems like a cool addition for the world building !!

Thnx for the chapter.
Such a great job ! All the subtilities with the vous and tu is perfectly explained here ! Well done guys !
Boobrie's nesting in the boobs
@breizh Well going with the flux of the story she almost all her life didn't make any deep connection with people on contrary people around fear her, so she must have adopted a form of formal speech to lessen the burden of people impression on her and because she too is afraid of making those connections.

Myr and his wife are just too much fun, i was needing a couple that isn't afraid to show affection to each other and have such difference in forms. Is just me that feels the romance brewing between Melie and Seth? Because is refreshing seeing this possibly young love growing slowly, contrary to the " love in first sight " that authors love so much.
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huh, melie was saying "vous" to seth ? As a french speaker I find it really weird. Young people go really quick to informal speach between them.