Koi Inu

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Ch. 160 - Lottery Dispute
@EstTerminus It's now August of their second year in college, so they've been a couple for almost a year and a half. And this isn't the first time Chiyo's tried to make Igarashi jealous. On the train ride back from his parent's place she tried to make him jealous by telling him about her Middle School "romance," of course without mentioning who the guy was. But this time she's being pretty vindictive.
Lawd.. these children literally need some more growing up to do. ? Ah.. 18 year olds.. such spring chicken..
I honestly hope that they break up after this.
They both have some serious growing up to do (Especially Chiyos personality) and it seems like they aren't going to do it together.
Chiyo needs to start talking to Igarashi about what he is doing wrong and what is upsetting her instead of just ignoring it and running away.
Igarashi is still a kid mentally and makes stupid decisions but they never talk about anything important so he hardly grows as a character.
as Fred said she doesnt want to talk about her Ookuma secret to her boyfriend or best friend which causes her to think Igarashi is the same with other girls(going to cheat on her) even though he is just a idiot.

But this one is kinda a last straw they've been together for how long now and she has decided to try and use jealousy against him when he already jealous and hinder her friend who she said she was going to "help."
@Xylo A long, long time ago, some people got the idea that Igarashi and Chiyo won't end up together due to his internal dialogue on the last panel of chapter 16. Me, I think that they will eventually end up like Igarashi's mom and dad, but it will most likely be a very rough journey along a very bumpy road.

As I said before, Chiyo seems like she would rather take her Ookuma secret to the grave instead of telling her boyfriend or best friend about it.
Nothing's gonna really happen in term of relationships.
Probably more fight and maybe a break up at the end but I don't think we will ever see Chiyo and Ookuma together.
I think Igarashi+Chiyo is set to be endgame from the start.
I do believe that the old relationship between Chiyo and Ookuma will be revealed causing Igarashi and Nagatsuki to be mad at Chiyo for keeping the secret, especially Nagatsuki since she already told Chiyo that she likes Ookuma.
Well, this is certainly a convenient way to get Chiyo and Ookuma alone together.