5Toubun no Hanayome

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Vol. 9 Ch. 69 - Welcome to Class 3-1
@elefantine97 I want it to be Ichika as well, my dude. I hope its not misdirection by the author
Well, after this chapter, it's even more obvious Ichika kissed him...
I see, I see, so that's how it is.
Miku best girl
"Can you imagine being in that apartment by yourself...?

YES I CAN! I spent about 10 years living in high-rises by myself. The view, the security, and the quiet are wonderful. What I would NEVER want is to live in a small place with a ton of relatives.
You can observe that yotsuba watch MC in the last page so yea that theory of 4D chess looks right like the job poster she wanted to know her rival in love and at the same time stalk MC.
I think Miku is playing the long game. She's knows where she's lacking and is looking to improve. She's been working at it for a while. I mean, her baking is at least edible now. I think she wants to get in the practice at the bread bakery across the street from the cake shop. If she can improve her cooking, along with how she seems to closer to Futarou than her other sisters, it may give her the edge to capture Futarou's heart. It a long range strategic plan, and one worthy of a Sengoku Warlords fangirl.

As for Nino, there may be a real attraction between her and Futarou, but I foresee one of those relationships that are an eternal cycle of fight-make up, fight-make up. The energy and passion of such a relationship can't be denied, but it's really hard on everyone, especially if they have kids. My parents had one like that for 53 years, and it was rough on everyone, especially when my younger siblings started taking sides and weren't as quick to make up as our parents.
Maybe Fuu should just ransack the house and find out whos holding that old photo...
5. I know that's a wig, because no one's hair is as long as Rena's. Still, if the wig is accurate enough to have a huge center parting, it might not cover the ahoge properly.
Well, as stated at the end of my response to this statement, I find that if Itsuki were to wear a wig, her bangs would pose more problems than her ahoge. The position of Itsuki's ahoge is on the top of her head, while the divide of the bangs for Rena (past/present) is the forehead. The theoritical wig could still hide the ahoge just fine.

7. Well Negi ain't perfect. It always bugs me how Nino is willing to study with the rest early in the story when she was so against it.
Aww, yes. I know Negi isn't perfect. Still a bit ticked with Nino's development and how it's been handled; not the worst, but not really the best imo. But even then, we've witnessed that Negi has offered more interesting twists than a typical romcom, without indulging too much in relying on cliches. For that reason, I do hope for the better.

While there are certainly points that may go into Itsuki's favour, I'd say that it isn't enough in the sense of driving a crucial character.

@b-no Rena seems awfully aware of the circumstances of Fuutaro's background, to an extent that I feel that it could only be the actual Rena there, not someone who had heard Fuutaro's story and is acting out as a replacement. Although we don't know how much he divulged to her, I'd personally think that it's only a small lead ahead of the others.
What does Itsuki gain from cutting off Fuutaro's connections to his past? If she was the actual Rena all along, it's rather... well, condescending that she now takes up her "Rena" get-up to stir Fuutaro; certainly, he had changed looks from his delinquent days, but it feels so roundabout that she'd use a disguise. Therefore, my conclusion for Rena would be that she had plans all along to meet with Fuutaro as "Rena" eventually, as she had known for the while the Fuutaro is Fuutaro (we don't know if they exchanged names when they were young, but it's likely enough). As a result, this would lead to Itsuki not gaining much from being told said being-told-his-story.
@tempforthis @onepunchman
Idk what you two are talking about, it's always been caught up.
Fuck it. I will watch and wait for the ending.
I think so based on the raws available online.
are we caught up with the manga?
Yeah man. Didn't do justice to this manga either.

lol. The in-between frames doesn't do any justice to the anime. The key frames were beautifully rendered, though. I hope the quality changes once the BD releases.
Wow, the anime is really bad.

Poor Negi.

I also have a hunch that Rena is Itsuki since she now knows Fuutaro's past as well as the charm. At some point between Fuutaro's hospitalization and Rena's debut, she might have remembered and possibly connected the dots leading to Rena's appearance.
It’s nice to see Fuutarou acknowledging the quint as his friends. I like how Miku seem to have the opposite problem when it comes to cooking now compare to Fuutarou. Her food is decent but lack the appeal, while Fuutarou seem to have the appearance but taste horrible. Ichika's eyes on page 17 scare me for some reason.

Also, if Itsuki were to get kick out because she can’t find work, would she be staying over at the Uesugi house again? Thought, it’s more possible that she'll likely have a second meeting with that lecturer, Shimoda for help, she even has her email too.

Other than that, I’ll wait till Fuutarou interact with Yotsuba and Itsuki before I start speculating on who could be the kisser.
@ GreenMoriyama
5. I know that's a wig, because no one's hair is as long as Rena's. Still, if the wig is accurate enough to have a huge center parting, it might not cover the ahoge properly.
7. Well Negi ain't perfect. It always bugs me how Nino is willing to study with the rest early in the story when she was so against it.

Well it's not any single reason that makes me believe it's Itsuki, it's just that I feel a lot of things are pointing towards it...

Well I'd write more but 2nd episode is out so laters (lol)
....wouldn't the school administration usually put identical twins in different classes? so they can differentiate between them.... or maybe they finally realized these twins usually trade places o3o;
@du5k Some of your points are definitely worthwhile considerations, but I feel others are flawed.

1. She the primary deuteragonist,
I agree that this is in ways a reason, because stories after stories have had the main female lead be the "mystery girl." But the same can be said of any other heroine, as other stories have non-central heroines be the "person of the past." Heck, even one major romcom of the last five years, Nisekoi, did this; it doesn't rule this possibility out, but it's not a strong one reason especially if Negi wishes to break convention.

2. She says the same thing as Rena in flashback,
I can get behind this. The chances of a present character saying almost the same thing as the one said by someone before isn't high unless the statement is a very common one. I'd argue that the moment Itsuki saying it didn't have much story drive to it, but still, the possibility.

3. She's super interested in the reason why he studies so hard,
I don't know if this is a reason to pin Itsuki as "Rena." Certainly, Rena has shown interest in Fuutarou's coming future, but I feel that it's possible for any one of the quintiplets to just be interested in why he studies so hard over the course of the chapters, not because of some nature of the past. If anything, it could be a sign of Itsuki's actual friendship to Fuutarou.
I'd even say that if "interested in him and why he studies hard" is a prerequisite for being Rena, this could be applied to one other girl: Yotsuba. Miku, Ichika, Nino and Itsuki from the start showed no interest in being taught, whereas Yotsuba did. While not an obvious sign of interest, but maybe one's interest in someone's hard work doesn't have to be so outspoken; Yotsuba, if Rena, could be feeling relieved that Fuutarou is studying so hard that she is impressed by it (as seen at the start) and even wants him to teach him. It would help if she did display actual fondness of his hard studying, but I don't think it's necessary when establishing a character as "impressed by/interested in someone who studies hard."

4. She's the only one who likely know where his location,
This one does get me. Who else would know his location? Some like Miku are a possibility, but only Itsuki is the most certain one. I wouldn't rule out others unless they are like Ichika who is actually busy with work. (I also disagree whenever anyone states that Yotsuba is like Ichika because, while she is commited to helping the club, we are not given any clear time-stamp of how long she was away; her commit, unlike Ichika, is not a job, and if Yotsuba as Rena had priorities to meet Fuutarou, she might have considered ducking out for a moment from club activities, along with creating a supposed alibi for us readers to be fooled by).

5. Rena refuses to take off her sunhat, making me think she has something to hide, like a giant ahoge,
If I remember correctly, one of the post-pages in the volume for that chapter shows a set of hands putting the dress, sunhat AND a wig into a drawer. If this is the case, I don't think hiding an ahoge is a problem as the wig would take care of it. I also think that Itsuki has more than that ahoge to worry about when it comes to her hair, because look at the size of those tufts of bangs that sweep to the side.

6. She has a motivation to make him forget about Rena,
I think if any one of the girls was Rena, the author could write for them a reason for that girl for Fuutarou to forget about Rena. As we know, Rena's wish is for him to not look to who she was, but the current quintuplets. Some are a further stretch, but Itsuki is not alone in having a possible motivation.

7. Negi needs a "hook" for Itsuki to remain relevant amongst the sisters for now, and she doesn't yet have her big arc,
If the author needs to keep a character in with a hook, especially one who is supposed to be the centrally advertised heroine, that's author neglect. I do want Itsuki to have her own arc, but having her trump card be "I am Rena" is... well, to say the least, a poor choice. The best outcome in writing the potential Rena heroine would be writing her with more context that makes her a standalone character, and for now, Itsuki is behind in that race.

8. When Fuu asked the girls if anyone seen him when he was younger, the other 4 girls doesn't really have a reaction and Itsuki's reaction is not shown in that shot,
I don't know about this reasoning. As part of deductive reasoning, this is a scene to consider, but maybe it's a false accusation to say "lack of inclusion = suspect." Certainly, that is how detective novels work at times, but who knows if one of the girls is acting it out. Others have even argued with this same scene that Miku/Ichika is Rena because of how they reacted (averting gaze in Miku's case, good actress for Ichika's).

9. I don't think Ichika or Miku will receive so much character development if they had such a big plot in the story, and no active motivation to do,
I do agree that since these two girls (I'd even lump Nino in since she's been having just as much attention lately) have new/concurrent motivations that would collide with Rena's. Either that, or they are purposely having different goals in hopes of fulfilling both of them (for example, any of the three may want to win his heart purely by present-them and without the help of being "Rena"). Their focus has been about their romance/potential romance with Fuutarou, and it might dilute their quality if "I am Rena" was stacked on top.

10. Still don't think it can be Nino since she's pissed with him atm, and won't have reacted to Gintarou like that,
Yep, Nino was at the time in a hostile relationship, marking her off as the least likely to be Rena. The chapter after too also would have been way to awkward. Some cling on, and I've even heard one say "It could be a dark horse, where she was acting all along"... but, Negi has somewhat already pulled off enough of a creator's pet. Unless Negi is fine with being thought of having favourtism to her, I'd expect him not to pull the "I was Rena" with Nino at all.

11. nor Yotsuba who's with the track club atm
As mentioned above, I feel "track club" has been a loose excuse to remove her from the possibilities. I could imagine any of the other girls, if they were in a club, leaving momentarily to act as Rena to approach Fuutarou, later appearing as themselves as their club friend comes to help create an appealing alibi. Yes, I am defending Yotsuba extensively because I believe her to be Rena, but even when putting that sentiment aside, I feel that too many people chalk her up as immature and unable to fool people... which does play by her character, but I also feel that there is more to her that may reveal that she isn't a true "dumb jock."

But yeah that bush thing is really throwing me off.
If I was in support of Itsuki, I may go for the "it was not actually anyone." A weak gimmick, sure, but maybe focusing too much on the bush thing detracts one's attention from other details. Red herrings, right?
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