Toaru Majutsu no Index

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Vol. 22 Ch. 135 - District 18 - Particle Engineering Lab - ITEM
That Saten cameo(which has more meaning now ), Rakko confirmed dead and then UNDER_LINE transmission missing from the anime adaptation.
Bless you Chuya~

Aleister was supposed to be one of the stars of this arc, even if he did not show up in this arc(he fills a role similar to that of Touma in NT4).
His role in this arc was that of a "presence".
A creepy presence lurking, and monitoring teenagers as they kill each other.
I do not think "that anime director" even understood that.
That credits page amused me.
Othi-tan bless Chuuya. He even put up the UNDER_LINE transmission pages.
I would like to thank the mangaka and the scanlators for providing us with the Battle Royale Arc we never got to have in Index III. I love you all!

Also, FRENDA!!!! ( ;∀;)