A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

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Ch. 40
its totally not suspicious at all to know about some secret item and claim there will be an attack on it so you need permission to go to where it is...
Centuries losing territories to the shadow world but they rather keep magic limited to the noble circle, sigh... this fucking stupid world.
Nice. Time to earn some allowance using that future knowledge.
@BananowyJE: Uhh, an attack on one of the most important location of the country + a major item was stolen would probably make news even if Desir wasn't involved personally, it probably was in some newspaper and Desir have extremely good memories that he remember such details (at least so far they haven't outright confirm/deny if he might have perfect memories)

I think that he IS trying to get people to wonder how he knows.
Because he will want to convince them to improve the teaching of all students, not just this silly class system they have right now that focus on the elite few and shun the rest, because he's from the future and he's seen how that ended.

Remember that his goal is always going to be that final showdown, even him getting into alpha class is mainly to improve morale of beta students (and he's not against helping alpha students if they're willing, like Adjest)
This is probably a convoluted way to quickly get the interest of the mage, who would normally be inaccessible by anyone in the MC's circle due to his high position without going though many gatekepers that would probably ignore or take advantage of the MC. There will likely be some kind of comment on how he knows this prof is trustworthy/incompetent/honest/professional to the point where she will directly report it to the mage in the next chapter.

Time's a wasting and he needs to start improving the other members of the final party as they have the greatest chance of surviving as well as having the most knowledge about them.
Hmm, the crystal was discovered 50 years ago by Joad, but in chapter 1 Joad definitely doesn't look like a 60~80 year old. So is it a different Joad or did something happen in the original timeline to make him younger.
Wouldn't things change drastically if you did interfere in that raid?? Just think of something more simple than participating as it will become troublesome... or are you trying to gain fame?? The later can be true...
I was fine with Desir knowing the trial shadow world since it was important as it established the single rankers, so as someone so into magic it was logical to know all about that event. He didn't know everything about it and prepared by reading the books about that time while also preparing his team. But stealing the mana crystal with exact time and date? What the heck?! Okay, maybe stealing that crystal will be important trigger for something in the "future-past" original timeline but it still doesn't make sense. And as others already noticed - he will be in a hell of interrogation if his knowledge will prevent it.
Damn, this series had great start, then it went into sea of poorly executed cliches and illogical explanations, but still had great moments here and there. And now it goes even further into nonsense. And I'll just ignore for now high-magic and how the year is 3613 there since we don't know the reference point for time and what tech/age was at the year 1.

And when rereading ch1: I didn't notice we saw dead bodies of Pram and Romantica there. Plus buff-looking redhead guy. And the Tower of Magic guy.

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Eh? And you just 'know' this? It's okay for me since I'm a reader.

However, if I'm the teacher, my first thought would be, "This guy is part of The Outsiders". I don't even know this guy and suddenly he comes with bullshit future events that can't be verified other than "I just know". That's suspicious as hell.

If what he said truly is right, then I'll later be questioned about how I know about the attack beforehand and why I was confident enough to commission a bunch of schoolboys to help them before the even happened. Me, a normal teacher.

If there was no attack, then what purpose would he have to go to the tower? Most probably, to steal the gem. I will then be arrested due to my involvement in the affair.

Either way, as a school teacher who commissioned them, I'd be the one in trouble.
@Drifter Eh, The starting session of any subject is always about going about the basics before moving forward since it is expected to give teachers time to gauge students.
Shouldn't it be "regressor" rather than "returner" now that I think about it?
@Drifter I guess most of the point of this lesson are the "questions" she expected them to ask after the lesson.
Getting told the basics again is kinda something that happens every at every beginning of the year, this is only the first month after all.

@Kaarme clearly, he doesn't even hide he knows all about it... at this point you can't just say "oh well, I happened to know about it".
"I know this will happen" "I know what they will steal" "I know how to stop them"
WTF ?!
At what point in time do you believe this to be something to reveal so casually ? I mean, the way she's shocked barely shows just how much one should be shocked by this.
So even if it's obviously easy to dismiss any doubts about him (any background check will reveal his past easily, maybe they'll notice his sudden "growth" at best) being a spy/traitor/whatever, they just won't dismiss the fact he knew about it, they'll want to know how and you can't just bullshit such a thing (maybe someone like the fatty could be bullshitted through, but you get what I mean, not everyone is on fatty's level there).
Does he intend in revealing his identity ? I mean, that's pretty much what it feels like now, "hey guys, something no one knows about is going to happen" "hey guys, I'm a beta almost no one knew beforehand and I'm now the top student of the whole academy" what's next ? This second thing could pass as just being strong and not making any waves so far but this last event of "I know the future" is asking for trouble.
I wish he had just asked a fucking question about the lesson at this point...

That, or author is going beyond and above my expectations of his skills of turning this around and making sense. Could very well be but I just don't see it, and I'm not lacking in imagination at this point.
Maybe he'll bullshit them but at this point, most of them will be suspicious about him for many reasons. Well, if this gets known by anyone else than this teacher. If they give her all the credit, I guess they'll ask less questions but she'll still get questioned and she doesn't escape the "how the fuck do I explain future knowledge ?".
I checked and this is the mage in the first chapter , also lets hope they meet so they can get started with gearing since the dude told the mc the tower of mages would support him
Not suspicious at all to tell about a future attack and offer to prevent it.
So the advanced class teaches what should be common knowledge to high school level students? The story has been great so far so this cheap world building trick can be overlooked :)
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