A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Korean

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Ch. 33
This guy kinda, weird I guess. Some kind of bipolar?
In the first half, he's treating her normally, throwing playful banter here and there, and assessing the situation calmly. I even dare to say he has some kind of chemistry with Romantica.
In the later half, he just went full edgelord.

Guess talking 'bout commoners really, really triggered him.
Don't blame me for being ruthless if you don't know the height of the Heavens and depth of the Earth.
You think these sort of characters + setting has any idea of what the master-slave dialectic is? I think it's safer to try to appreciate the abundance of EDGE and just leave it at that.
I can't say I have, I skipped most of the dialogue of pretty much any noble, they're like walking sound-boards. It's like reading a wuxia in which every villain has to spout: "you dare!?" or: "heaven and earth!"
edgeboy mode activated
Yay possession!
Just waiting for the reality check the prideful prick will be given sooner or later.
his Kid version with the skelly doods reminds me of IBO
Romantica chap no thnx
bring back the guillotine

So edgy~~

"You must massacre them."

Break out the black eyeliner.
Noo not Romantica - I hope she goes primal on this dude. Pram is about to go hyper, Desir is about to get even more serios. Sun got deep psychological trauma
chapter 34 is out on meraki's website.

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For every noble there must be a whole bunch of commoners to keep the society running. If the commoners are destroyed, it means a majority of the nobles must be demoted to form a new commoner pool. Looking at that dude, the difference between nobles and commoners is the lack of wits among the nobles.
@zenyo: Meh, just your usual noble/young master obnoxiously evil and pridefull antagonist, even if the author is desperatly trying to give him a justification he just act, talk and appear as the usual mono dimensional templaty evil villain...
I believe it is meant the other way around: It might not be an attempt to create a character with a relatable grunge, that fails to relate, because he sadly is mono dimensional, but to create a mono dimensional templaty evil villain on purpose, that spits out horrible nonsense, to show, that even such people might have a good reason to have become this way. Something only the readers can see, but not his peers.

Non the less, that guy is a walking cliche and I can't root for him, nor even feel for him. Just put him into a jacked and let some good doctors threat him.
So he is using magical tools to overpower Romantica. Well, that's fair, given that this is a shadow world training exercise and they are required to kill each other by any means possible. But how does this show, that nobles are the better...humans? mages? Better in what hindsight? Better in spending money? As far as I understood it, Romantica could have used that blingbling herself, would she have accepted it.

So beating her with better weapons only proves, that he's a rich kid, I guess? She would have bested him, from the looks of it.

Well, you might defeat her this way and win the completion (that would be alright), but sonny, you did only prove, that you couldn't handle her. The nobles of that world are pathetic.
Noo, Romantica, you're best grill you can't diee

No, I understand that. I'm commenting on the author's decisions regarding character motivations (also, the other nobles don't really have any better reasons for their classism either), which is why the suggestions I gave had more to do with the wider setting rather than choices these characters have made. Honestly, the "He's doing it because he's CRAZY!" plot is even worse. It entirely removes the agency of the antagonist and any emotional impact their viewpoint could have because they no longer have a viewpoint; they're just the pegs in the script filling the hole labelled "insert villain here." That's why I hated The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger's Joker. A crazy person with no plan or no discernible, logical motivations and desires is not a villain, they're an obstacle. They're like the tornado or whatever in a disaster movie.

Possession is even worse than just being psycho.

I'll admit that some of this is just fatigue with this type of antagonist. It sometimes feels like almost every fantasy novel and manga has someone like this, as if the audience needs constant affirmation that nobles/elites were totally always evil, you guys, and feudalism was super bad, and the hero is a great guy for opposing it. It's a bad idea now, sure, but it had a function in its time more elaborate than keeping the peasantry down. While I'm by no means a political scientist and welcome any corrections, to my knowledge it's hard for other forms of government to run without advancements in communications technology like a reliable postal service or the telegram to facilitate remote governance and coordination.

Of course, magic might help with that, but so damnably few authors take the time to world-build and decide what actual effects something as powerful and versatile as magic actually has on their world. The best example of that happening, that springs immediately to mind at least, is Avatar: the Last Airbender, where you could see the effects these powers had on societies and cities.
Psychotic characters are the least interesting types of characters. That is because they are nolonger characters, but more like forces of nature. If a flock of ravenous wyverns are coming to devour a village, or if psycho-san is bent on destroying said village, neither aggressor is very interesting. There's nothing to learn or understand about them. That they want to come and destroy the village is all the reader needs to know. There's no larger ends, the destruction IS the point.
Now noble-san here seems to be possessed in some manner (in memory, or psychically/magically) so that may provide something interesting. But his reflexive 'Burn them all' point of view is utterly banal.

Riffing off @Endominus, a good noble should be looking at commoners/serfs, as a resource. At worst is should be something like treating the commoners in a manner of a farmer treating his horses/oxen. Some adult should have noticed his 'Burn them all' attitude and addressed it in the past 10? years.
i really hope that the whole skeleton thingy is not just a metaphor for donovan's grudge.
otherwise the author would make him look like an irrational idiot and he really shouldn't be with the education he should've received.

you could make the argument that his views get a bit distorted by his current agitation, but that'd be really iffy as an explanation.

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