My Fair Footman

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Ch. 0 - Prologue
Grammatical error on 7th panel : It should be 'Wear' not "Ware".

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pottery, typically that of a specified type.
"blue-and-white majolica ware"
manufactured articles of a specified type.
"crystal ware"
articles offered for sale.
"traders in the street markets displayed their wares"
synonyms: merchandise, goods, products, produce, stock, commodities, items/articles for sale, lines, range, solutions; rarevendibles

Ware comes from the Old English word waru meaning article of merchandise. Wear means 1.) to have on one's person, to carry on one's person, 2.) ... Wear may be used as a noun or verb, related words are wears, wearing, wore and worn.

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have on one's body or a part of one's body as clothing, decoration, protection, or for some other purpose.
"he was wearing a dark suit"
synonyms: be dressed in, be clothed in, have on, sport;
That's a really good point. Maybe men get paid more or something.
Why is she dressing up as a guy. If her mom was a maid, what’s the big deal for her to live her life as a woman too? Like she’s planning to come out as a woman on her 18th birthday so what was the point of it all...