Gakkou Gurashi!

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Ch. 69 - Good Night
so 1: maybe the school food had something in it? some kind of antibiotic to resist the disease?
and 2: since the drone knows its the school life club, it's not randall, but rather the college girl which... i kinda figured we were just gonna ignore and forget about.
Seeing the usual energetic kurumi pn a weelchair or neae death like here is really sad.
I has been a while since I've revisited every volume to this one. Reading it all it one go was a lot more interesting. It seems their are a lot of clues to what may happen next.

What I put here probably will be very innacurate, but I like reading many detective novels, while it's hard to find anything important here (it's not that kind of genre so obviously you won't find much), but it was fun to find some interesting things about the unrelated side of the story. This website doesn't seem to include the extra content that is including in the manga so we aren't seeing what vol. 10 and vol. 11 are offering as clues yet until an official release. The extra content shows content that appear in the following volume.

Some things we know so far, and questions:

• Will they go to a Randell building near Nazake Marsh?
• Are those soldiers from the Garrison not Randell?
• What will happen to Shinou Uhara? She's pregnant.
• Rise is injured, is it due to the militants or is she infected?
• Is the drone from the university or from the Garrison (The ones who received Yuki's message).
• Who was Shiiko talking to before her time ended?

It could be that they'll be visiting Nazake Marsh. While Shiiko mentions Randell as the source, the original source was the marketplace in the area of Nazake Marsh that has been off limits since the previous incident. Looks like Randell Corp. collected samples from the area to create a weapon for war but someone, a staff member, was careless and it got out into the public — Shiiko's reasoning of it been an accident but also inevitable (despite been an accident it was likely going to happen at some point anyway as things go with unreliable, careless people). Randell Corp. most probably don't want anyone to find out this mess was their fault so they got worried when someone found the place it broke out (school living club).

This makes sense when reading the manual as it goes on about biological weapons. It also mentions if the "strains in development escape" and "multiply on a large scale, mutation may occur". As much as saving people goes "securing people mus be done with strict selection" and the "spirit of tolerance and kindness are no longer virtues" but to "overlook sacrifices by use of force".

Randell Corp. probably want to kill everyone and cover-up their errors, but finding one of the girls survived they could capture her and find a cure, then give false claims and lies and to make out they (Randell Corp.) are the heroes or whatever. No wonder they are surprised, Kurumi was infected with Beta, the blood borne strain but despite it's 99.99% death rate she's resisting it.

We need to note that this is not fully a virus, but also a bacteria or both. As Shiiko stated, a virus and bacteria are different, and it looks like this bacteria has mutated and become stronger, more resistant.

The question is how are people immune to it to some degree to survive. Could it be the bacteria is in the water, possibly leading from Nazake Marsh, with the water purification system, a very sall amount of the bacteria probably survived, people were drinking that water and been exposed to it, not enough to do any damage but help build a stronger immune system against it.

I would agree it is. Nazake Marsh was were the first incident happened in September 1968. "Nazake Marsh" is also known as "Kuchina River". In the "Megurigaoka Campus Booklet" it says the school draws water from the ground around "Kuchina River". There is also mention that they have a popular course where they catch fish in the nearby "Kuchina River" to cook; whether they actually eat them is uncertain. It also makes a reference in the Megurigaoka School Song: "In the Kuchina River is the poison breath of the great nine-headed serpent". (I doubt there'll be a giant mutated nine-headed serpent in the next volume though).

Anyway, there are 3 types of strains, Aplha, Beta and Omega. Alpha been the one that is air borne (droplets) and causes fever, sweating and nausea (3-6 days) but somewhat curable if treated (sounds like kurumi's condition, but she was bitten, not blood borne?). Beta is the virus strain which is blood borne, infection causing sickness, diarrhoea, and bleeding (2 hours) but gone around 7 hours after death, the death rate been 100% or 99.99%, no cure likely. Omega, not much given except, the end of the world.

While the story is focusing on the Randell Corp. there is the Central Hospital, but the Garrison may not be a good idea, a military base is it? But this seems where the rescue team are coming from (the soldiers not from Randall? Who to trust?) something does sound off about broadcast 954khz, is it a trap with some pre-recorded message.

It seems there must be a cure, the bacterium/virus is native to Megurigaoka (formally known as Dando City). The first incident happened sometime around September 27th and classified as Omega. All point to Nazake Marsh . The bacteria seems to take over the body after death and control it (er... undead? No, unlikely. undead is when a persons soul is destroyed so that it isn't able to go to heaven, purified and resurrected and this story doesn't appear to be that kind of genre. Autonomous corpse is likely; these people may even still be alive but dying in pain with server memory loss and no self-awareness which explains how they maintain some form of memory; look at the scene with Kurumi questioning herself). But, how would a 50-70 year old women, who was already dead at a morgue, end up on a road with missing body parts? Then there's the guy who went fishing and his whole family and died from it. The fish had human finger in it's belly (hmm... Fish-fingers).

However, there may not have been a cure before. The previous incident was "cleansing by fire, quarantine and small cover-ups"; This leading to those government emergency manuals they didn't want anyone to know about until another outbreak happened.

Is it a terrorist attack or not? It may not be, but some experiment gone wrong. It's native to Japan, Megurigaoka so it been terrorism is not likely. Though, there was a bomb explosion on Tuesday, 10th October 1968 at 4:30pm but not confirmed to be a bomb, just sounded like one. Half the population was wiped out.

The city was renamed to Megurigaoka in 1979, referring to ancient Rome (not sure if this is important?). The Megurigaoka Campus booklet ends a date with 2007 the "20th anniversary of the school". So we can assume the present day is sometime around 2007-2009. I could be 2008. Why? well, the anniversary was the recent entry pointing to a previous school year and unlike many other scenes that don't show dates or use "X" and "O" as a replacement, the calendar in the background when Miki is first introduced in the mall shows "10" for October, hey it's exactly 40 years since the last event! and it seems to have happened around the exact date (October 1st, judging by how many days had passed as the calendar shows the 9th, it's been 8 days since the outbreak?) and time (after school, most likely around 4:30pm when it happened? There was an explosive sound just like last time). Easily be wrong, even if it's like a 40th anniversary of the first outbreak. Simply the author could have just did that to come up with a random date. (Also, the year scribbled out on the booklet, the last digit looks like a 3 or an 8, 8 is the only one that makes sense, it doesn't have the shape of a 7 or 9. The rest is obviously "200" plus the last 8 = 2008).

We still need to know what the explosion was. Did it contain the bacteria or is it actually used to spread a form of antibiotics to save people. Both these incidents happen well before the explosion not after.

The staff evacuation manual. It shows some information that seems to have been ignored so far.

• One for a start is that the school has 3 Public Telephones that will still be working, they look to be designed specifically to be used in case of an outbreak. Why didn't the girls notice this?

• Another is basement 2. The girls mainly visited basement 1 as that is where the emergency stores are located, they didn't really go deeper. Deeper to were the Rainwater collect tanks are. If these collect rainwater without purification the bacteria could be exposed to this resource through the rain itself.

Maybe they'll go back to the school.

The Drone. Is this really from the university? It seems very likely, but if they had a drone why hadn't they used it before to check for survives without leaving the safety zone? the messages received by the military (or Garrison) the girls wrote probably included the clubs name so someone from the Garrison knew it too, and continued looking for them, not to harm. The bit at the end of this chapter sound like it could be a telling off for not staying put at the school while the soldiers had been sent out looking for them.

Shiiko may not of had a memo from the girls at the university. None of them had knowledge of biology or anything, so who did the testing? Bowman in it's current state can not do this, it only had 2 functions: "Giving directions" and "a lie detector" but not conversations (all the chat before was Shiiko's update). Was it Randell who'd studied the data Kurumi sent them or the Garrison who knew what those injections contained or was it a memo created by Shiiko herself to leave as a message behind for the girls when she is gone.

Shiiko's phone showed 12% (or 22%) battery at 1:18am? so this was obvious it'll need recharging, but Miki isn't going to know until she turns that phone on. If she does, Randell is going to be able to track them. The phones were created and belong to Randell after all.

I'm sure something is going to happen at the university. Rise has most likely been infected. When the militants left her she wasn't harmed, just tied up and left alone, they didn't return back to her and as we saw they were too busy. The zombies had infiltrated the grounds, she tried to escape but been infected in the process of protecting herself while tied up? It may seem possible but it's very likely that she smashed the window she was looking at, at the end of that scene, cut herself on the glass as she tried using the shards to cut the rope. She either jumped from the 1st floor or ran a fair distance to be a little exhausted to reach the girls (the door was locked it seems).

It's also clear that Shinou is pregnant. This child will probably be shown in a scene of the future, years after everything is over and everyday life is as normal like nothing ever happened. Or maybe pose some significance to the pandemic. (Maybe she'll call the child "Hope").

The only thing that doesn't make sense yet is the world map with circles and times of infection taken place all leading from Japan itself as "T+0hour". (People travelling on holiday and spreading a virus strain?) but Africa and Argentina don't have connecting lines from them. Or is it distribution and creation of weapons or resources? (Well, North Korea isn't part of it).

Of course there's more. While it may seems like clues to what is going to happen next, it may all well be irrelevant and unimportant. Simply some historical facts, extra story content and nothing more.

I doubt Kurumi is going to die, though.
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I was really trying to hold off on reading this chapter by how much I knew it was going to hurt me. /Damn/. Did it break and hurt my heart and made me get a couple of tissues.... I know one of them is going to die. I just know it.....
Zombie virus turn the dead into undead... if kurumi is resistanted to the virus doesn't that mean she will just die?

actually is she still alive at this point...? we didn't get her body temperature maybe she is just cold ....
if they got any kind of immunity to the zombie virus, it wont be ending nicely I guess since well, might is right looking at the post apocalypse situation or maybe they gonna hermit it out until their end of days keeping it to themselves.
finally, another hope of light for them
I sort of assume this is ending with everyone's deaths, huh.
Time for me to start my year with lots of feels!
She’s going to turn by the end of this isn’t she...?

And everyone is basically on their last legs with Randal closing in
Huh thx for translations. The only people who know that they call themselves school life club are the college students so I guess that the drone is theirs.
I just read this month "Made in Abyss" chapter (!!!Yisus¡¡¡).So,...

..this is fine.
The title scare shit outta me ?
Yuki is having a breakdown, Miki has just about given up, and Randall is closing in.

Meanwhile it turns out there never was a "cure" for Kurumi way back, but that the girls have an innate immunity to the virus either from intentional meddling by Randall or by happenstance. It's an endemic virus so they may have been exposed to a minor form from the school's water or garden and built up antibodies.

Drone is probably the College girls.
what is happening?
Thank you.
>Start chapter
I don't like this title

>Finish chapter

Guessing the drone belongs to the college students.
For those curious about that song: