Kusuriya no Hitorigoto

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Vol. 4 Ch. 20 - The Eunuch and The Courtesan
@Suudere totally agree. He is so adorable and I appreciate how he not just brought gold but he also brought something that he knew she would love. That weird looking plant lol

Huh, the more you know. Although when I was citing the statistic on the number of people that have Toxoplasma gondii I wasn't referring to people who developed toxoplasmosis but the number of people who have the parasite.
Misconception, the drug no longer has a patent, the company acquired the generic drug rights.
Those with toxoplasmosis number in the thousand. It's a rare infection actually. It's not HIV nor an AIDS drug, it's for the rare parasitic infection itself. Because of that, it's not a very profitable margin when relying on the thousands range to get 100 pills of a drug. That's why it's understandable to not have the drug being made and phased out as a matter of production possibility frontier when manufacturing other drugs with the time and resources be the better alternative especially in face of investors and alike who expect productivity and profits.
Moreover, the $750 is mostly a price tag. There's was a patient assistance program that helps the uninsured get the drug for free if you are a legal resident and 500% below the poverty line. Couple that with the lowered co-pay amount negotiation by like $10 or so with insurance, there shouldn't be much problem. Instances of not getting the drug would typically involve lack of communication. The man and the company (name probably now changed) did have a pipeline with TRP-004 (aka the newer improved drug whose name also probably changed with the company) in the works. Before, you had to take it alongside folinic acid to protect the bone marrow. With the new drug hopefully in the works, it would have eliminated the need and the old drug side effects. And there is a matter of filling out info and such but it's hardly a matter let alone no incident really reported. If you're an illegal alien, it is an entirely different story.
Martin never spoke in great detail but he liked to act like a huge shitposter which you guessed caused him alot of trouble.
And mind you, if you argue on the basis of premiums increasing, it's mostly due to inpatient and outpatient spending. Prescription drugs only account for small percentage of the issue and Daraprim, the drug in question, hardly accounts for the problem.
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@Ruruskadoo Prepare to be terrified, cats are responsible for the spreading of Toxoplasma gondii and it is statistically likely that you probably have it. In the USA alone it is estimated that over 40 million people are infected with it. Now we know what the parasite does to smaller less intelligent animals but general consensus is that it doesn't have much of an affect on humans, but that's because it would be too difficult to determine if it does affect humans or not. Basically the parasite makes it so that the infected animal is less fearful and does really stupid shit (ever heard of the Darwin Awards?) to get it to neck itself so that it can be eaten by a bigger animal on the food chain to help the parasite spread.

Of course Toxoplasma gondii itself can also be dangerous, but mostly to people who are immuno compromised. you might of heard of this incident from several years ago where a pharmaceutical company bought the rights to a drug meant to treat toxoplasmosis in people who have HIV. The drug went from $13.50 a tablet to $750 a tablet and the man (Martin Shkreli) was completely unapologetic about it.

It's real messed up when a pharmaceutical company is able to buy a drug patent that has been around for decades with there being no generic option then proceeding to jack up the price several if not tens of times because they know that people will either have to buy it or die.
Oh my god, that indirect kiss was so cute!! It even made Mao Mao blush!
@zakuzakuzakuzaku That's a good point. Although the boss of the brothel, the hag, is also a woman, so she ought not to look down on herself. Otherwise it must play a role like you said. It didn't take very long for Maomao to claim her place in the harem, however, but then again, it's a very isolated world.
@Kaarme Maomao is not really a doctor, she’s a pharmacist. But additionally, maybe it’s all down to she being a woman. Old-timey people being bigots: “a woman doctor? Nonsense! Women are only worth for housekeeping and courting”.
@miyako19 in what world is there "nothing terrifying" about a fungus that takes control of its host's mind so it can make them climb up and cling to a good spot to disperse spores, kills its host, and then bursts out from within the body of the dead host? Sure it's only in arthropods, but it's still fucking creepy, especially if you imagine what it would be like if it evolved to be able to do that to humans.

Mind controlling fungus? Scary. Fungus that grows inside you until it splits you open, spilling its tendrils out into the open? Horrifying. Fungus that does both? Fucking nightmare fuel, make no mistake.

Interestingly they also apparently can have a fair bit of arsenic and other heavy metals in them, so that might be another reason Maomao likes them so much. She can't keep her hands off of anything that might be poisonous.
2 pu$$y ... cat girls , lol . This picture is from the artist 's twitter , she posted this to celebrate Cat 's Day or something .

also Pai Rin = ็™ฝ ้ˆด = White Bell , i guess she got this nickname because her moaning is vibrating/resonating like the chiming of a bell , lol .

Bell and Belle .

CRUSHED . i think Mao Mao is having a "crush" ( = an infatuation or affection for someone. )

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Doctor is not that rare.
Doctor who willing to cut his own balls to work in harem (as per requirement) is rare.
@jiins It's not so much what we have seen her doing, since the vast majority of the chapters she's been in the harem fortress. It's about how Maomao is all the time feeling and thinking of her situation. It's like she's expecting to forced into courtesan (or worse) work all the time, if not sold to the first man offering enough coin. Nor has the hag actually shown a single indication Maomao's pharmacist work mattered to her at all. The world is full of women who could work as a courtesan/whore of little entertainment skills (like Maomao), but not so with women who know a shit about healing people, medicines, dealing with poisons and their cures, and such. That's why I think the hag is already very good friends with Mr. Alzheimer. She simply can't make sound judgements anymore.

I'm not so sure. Remember how unflattering she is supposed to be as a courtesan when she puts on freckles, is petite, and doesn't have much of a chest? Yet, she was bought with "huge amount of gold coins," indicating that her worth isn't as a courtesan, but probably as an apothecary. Also, as far as pushing her as a courtesan, she has yet to be bought right? It seems like they're putting her to do labor in between medicinary work.
There's a certain logical plot hole in this series. We heard earlier that doctors are so rare even the imperial palace needs to rely on quacks. We have seen it first hand with the old so called doctor in charge of the harem. Maomao is far more competent than that old man, yet the brothel thinks absolutely nothing of her, not even after all the medical work she has done for it. The hag in charge of the brothel is all the time pushing her to to do basic courtesan work (or just plain old whore work) or sell her off to a decent bidder, despite the fact she could easily be an irreplaceable doctor. Where's the sense in that? Maybe it's just that hag who's far too demented.
Bribed with 'plant that grows on insects' complete with the insect husk... that is just... so... *speechless
I like seeing grumpy Jyoka embracing Mao Mao. Sigh... Gap moe, huh...

Pairin is the sexy type
Jyoga is cold type (see how she doesn't smile at all?)
Meimei is the sweet type.
Or it could be his personal belonging all along.
From Rihaku's reaction when he saw Catcat's other hairpins, I think they had certain rules in material and design for the ornament to indicate a person's rank. As an open secret for us at this point, Jinshi can not roam around wearing something that shows he's royalty, so he had another hairpin to falsify his identity (which he gave Catcat in a spur of moment, then put the real one on).
Chapter 20 , and still no explanation of the mystery in chapter 9 : who gave Jinshi that hairpin ?

In chapter 18 , it is hinted that the oldest consort , Aaduo , is Jinshi 's mother , so I guess it was her who secretly gave her hairpin to her son .

The consorts gave their own attendants jewelry to show off, but Lady Rifa was really fond of Catcat so she gave her one too. While Lady Gyokuyou might not be bothered by that (just a bit of sulking at most), it would cause problem if two consorts were in bad term.
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