Urasekai Picnic

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3 - Hasshaku-sama Survival
>barefoot legal loli with spats
Best girl detected.
Colored contact lenses are so last century. Nowadays one can change eye colors by surviving encounter with wiggle-wiggle.
yeet it's getting spicy, and we have yet to find how old that loli actually is.
Now I'm looking forward to the next chapter, and thanks for translations!
It seems that having a loli character in manga is a necessity nowadays. Oh well, looking forward in seeing more of this. Gotta love these creepy stories.
She's not a nuisance.
You wanted to explore, and she needed to explore.
you might as well go together when exploring a world that can flip the bird to the laws of science.

and of course, in the words of the legend of zelda.
"Its dangerous to go alone, take this!"
or in this case, her.