Heterogeneous Linguistics

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Vol. 1 Ch. 10.5 - Professor's Notes
I can’t help but wonder how hybrid species work in this world. Can only mammalian species (werecat, human, werewolf) interbreed? Or could a human male mate with a reptilian lamia to create a hybrid?

I’m assuming that it means hybrids like Suzuki are sterile, much like hybrid animals in our own world (mule, liger) are sterile.
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now we got the absolute madman story..
He didn't abandon his daughter, he went to work and giftwrapped his assistant for her.
.... then the bestiality started...
I sure hope so. It would be really sad to know he abandoned such cute daughter.

Wonder if he thinks of taking her to human world.
@AbuHajaar the greatest scholars go to the greatest lengths.

He's gone back to share his findings and incite others into following in his footsteps. His werewolf wife mentioned that all the men that had come after her husband had been nice and they were also expecting the current one and knew of his name so it seems that there's some communication.

It's hard to say because we don't have enough information but it doesn't seem like he's abandoned his wife and daughter. He's just traveling for work.
@AbuHajaar His name will go down the history books.
Keep in mind this is the professor that was so into his study of the xenos he yiffed out a crossbreed
Talk about dedication
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Thanks for the chapter!

Edit: Thanks for fixing it!

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This is probably how the Professor meets the girl's mother.
Wonder how different is the sex etiquette and how marriage works.

Also why he has gone back abandoning his daughter.

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