I, the Female Robot

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Vol. 2 Ch. 114 - Question
Interesting perspective, but aren’t the humans so hostile because sentient robots nearly wiped them out in the previous two wars? On the other hand, I don’t remember if we were ever given the details on how the first war started, but if sentient robots were kept in servitude then it would be akin to slavery. And history shows just how hard it is even for humans to coexist, nevermind an entirely new existence like them.

Anyway, I completely forgot that both sides have the same stance towards each other, yet Qiqi kills robots like nothing while going through hell to get humans to sympathize with her.
It's interesting that the MC is almost neutral; she (not Executor 03) isn't part of the human defense forces, nor is she part of the robot armies; it could be an interesting possibility if she does win against the present-time boss and Ka'More, and have to lead the robots' defense against the humans, or if the humans "win" against the robots, which will have ultimately meant that they failed to coexist out of fear and intolerance; only one side got a satisfying ending; perhaps, this might even be what happened in the previous wars.
I wonder who was the one who gave 02 the soul cores, and why would he have conditionally killed 03. Could the original Qiqi have somehow been kept alive through all those years, or someone else have browsed through her diaries? (especially her last phrase)
''Then why we cannot just finish off every single member of the RHD members as well?'' Good point.

Well, it is something that we forget but most protagonists in action stories are mass murderers that don't care about the ones they kill just because they have been labeled as the bad guys.
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