Skeeter Rabbit!!

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Vol. 1 Ch. 6 - Extra Lesson
@Serenata That wasn't even a "panty shot". That was just how skirts work sometimes.
SO when is she going to learn the backpack kid dance?
@Serenata ah, okay lol, I misinterpreted you

@TheStuffedUnicorn Don't expect middle school girls to have much emotional maturity.
@itainteazy Ah! I mean the one in page 12.... I enjoy the others lol
@Serenata I counted at least 4 panty shots in this chapter
@TheStuffedUnicorn well they do, but mostly around the age of 10 and 14 ... Your typical cartoon villains, well in short, they're so arrogant that they don't feel like helping is worth their time, bullying her until she quits is more their style so forget about logical methods.

There was one pantyshot in this chapter that was totally unnecessary and not even appealing... This author doesn't need to try for ecchi all the time if you have parts with masturbation fully naked ._.) that's my only complain, I like everything else.
"GOD shes so lame. she doesn't know the moves and she's bringing us down. We go to dance school"
"Hey could you teach me the moves I don't know them very well."
"UMM No. Cause we know the moves. And we are dancers. So don't dance because you don't know the moves and it'll look bad."
"No yeah I don't know the moves...So can you help me.."

Do people like this exist? This is barely bulli-ing its just retarded.