Xian Ni

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Ch. 83 - Fighting Evil Sect (1)
Yeah I feel like the comic so far hasn't done a good job of why his personality has changed over the course of the series. Like the loss of his family was alright, but there a lot of early changes to his personality that aren't described well. Definitely check out the novel.
i have to re-iterate this, but having a peacock tail with the body of your enemies is still fucking brutal. compared to the earlier chapters this is actually getting super interesting to read

and people thought Goblin Slayer is overkill lol
Now it makes sense.
I still think the unlucky frecles dude bears similarity to the eccentric zombie, so I assumed the author went too far with a side-story.
@happybro @huskyshero
Haha, Wang Lin didn't die. If he had died, then he would be dead, story over. He lost his body and his soul was damaged, but was preserved through the power of the Heaven Defying Bead/Situ Nan. His soul went through the rift to the foreign battleground and the dimensional space where only loose soulds and soul fragments lingered. Plus soul devourers. He become one of those soul devourers and gained a degree of power over souls. He then possessed the unlucky, freshly dead freckled dude's body. Soul devourers are prevented from leaving the foreign battleground by the formation, but he cheated using the body and raw power. Thus he managed to get back to his home planet. However, the transfer array took him wherever the freckled dude was from, so now he's trying to figure out where his home country is.

He never died, he was only very close to dying. Cultivators don't die so easily. Although cultivators below the Nascent Soul stage can't leave their body in a soul form, there are always extraordinary circumstances, especially for Wang Lin who possesses the Heaven Defying Bead and is helped by Situ Nan within.
Okay the mc the original mc from ch 1 died in that spirit world i think and then possessed this guy who also died there and took him out of the spirit world like area and did a whole bunch of stuff i really need to read the ln
Let somebody help me understand WHO IS THE MC HERE?

I understood everything till MC found the strange zombie (and went to evil-sect-HQ with this zombie), but then the whole series changed the MC into the young zombie guy (when all happens in the PAST, before the freckled zombie became the powerful undead).
Do I understand this right?
Or the original MC changed bodies, became ferocious spirit and then posessed an unlucky fellow with freckles? The freckled guy backstory overshadows MC's story.