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Vol. 3 Ch. 18 - Thaumaturges
@Kdom Yeah Luffy is not a fleshed out character to me, kinda a tropey shonen character made to always (or most of the times) take the good decisions/winning even if he's completely stupid.
But some of the humour from One Piece also comes from this (the fight against Enel/Ener had me dying from laughters with how stupid Luffy fought and still won haha).
In my opinion a MC is not really what's important in a shonen story to me, the cast supporting him and their relations/interactions with each others is what's keeps me interested in those stories.
I like Luffy as he is because his stupid demeanor often brings awesome comedy moments when Zoro/Usopp/Chopper are with him, for Radiant, I like Seth because of how he's growing as a character as much as the story progress and I also like his interactions with Alma, Melie and some future characters that are yet to be introduced (teasing intensifies :p).
Oda is a great storyteller and the coherence of his world his tremendous.
But one thing One Piece lacks is character progressions. Luffy is the same idiot from start till pirate king. Seth is a bit more complex on that part.
That's what is good with shounen. They are not so simple some people make them be
Actually, even if I'm a huge fan of Radiant (duh) I still prefer One Piece over it, but essentially because I grew up as an adult reading this manga since I was 12 so ofc I'm a bit biased.
Also unlike Jugo none of the volumes made me shed a tear yet, I was shocked by some events but I think since the serie is yet at it's beginning even with 10 volumes released (this ain't that much considering other shonens) this is kinda hard to really move me with events happening to characters I only know for 2 volumes against 10/20 volumes for OP. Also I'm watching the anime of One Piece for the first time since the beginning right now (only read the manga), and I'm still crying/laughing as much as I remember I did as a kid to events I already know... I definitely feels an empty void mixed with anger watching the anime of Radiant as a point of comparison :p.
RIGHT ? sorry I'm just glad you said it I always felt Radiant was superior to One Piece and it's not even close in my eyes. The fact that it just got started and we are seeing themes more relevant, deeper and worth pondering on more than an infinite amount of One Piece chapters could ever provide makes me glad I left that series and never looked back. I just never said anything because it's apparently illegal to criticize one piece. This series truly elevates manga to a new level that none have done before( I'm looking at you Hunter X Hunter )I'm glad that one piece inspired the author but we don't have to pretend one piece is some masterpiece anymore since we have an ACTUAL one on our hands now.

*Runs, ducks for cover*
@RedZebra The reason why i think that Radiant is totally > One Piece is because each arc (from now) speak about an actual political theme, it's really easy :
Rumble Town arc (vol 2-4) : xenophobia, immigration and divide and rule
Caislean Merlin arc (vol 5-10) : ecology, capitalism, slavery

Actually, Radiant is 10 volumes and beat really easy the 10th first volume of One Piece (for size comparaison) for me.
I mean, Konrad is litteraly a representation of some extremist French political people, and a lot of his dialogue were quoted from those guys. Even the town crier of the chapter 10 is a representation of the medias : it can only speak to French people, but in the French text, the name of the Town crier is "Le Crieur public Informateur" and if you take the first letter of each word, you have LCI, which is a non stop political TV channel in France, which is a little bit, you know ... politicaly controlled by some politicals people who are friends with the director of the channel.

And if there are islets on the world, it's because many times ago, the people had dig on the ground to extract some resources during the industrial area, and now, the ground were so much exploited and dig by those capitalists, that people live on the only parts which were not dig : the islets. All those parts of the industrial area are now toxic and inaccessible because they were too much exploited.

I mean, all i loved in One Piece in 90 volumes, i had it more harder, complexe and real with Radiant in only 10 volumes, that's why i really prefer Radiant than One Piece :)
No problem man :) but with each chapter I read I see more and more similarities to one piece I don't know if that's a good or bad thing yet but personally the thaumaturges of the Inquisition resemble a mixture of the World Government Marines and the Revolutionary Army.
@RedZebra thank you :) I don't know if I'll translate every excerpt in future chapters because starting at volume 4 or 5 there is a section named "Toumstak" -- that don't mean anything -- that is very much alike the SBS excerpts from One Piece, sometimes with important informations about the universe, most of the time just funny and "absurd" humor :p But I don't want to put too much of the manga bonus with my scanlations since those are aimed to get readers that are really invested in the serie to get the official releases (because... y'know... those are bonus, just like 'making of' or audio commentary are the selling point to buy dvd/blu ray nowadays,... well that and support the creators of course :D).
I think I'll just translate the really important pieces of infos to understand the universe, though (just like without this excerpt this is pretty much impossible to understand who's higher in ranks in the Inquisition or why even if they're "the baddies" now, they got an honorable purpose when their order was created, thus explaining why there is so much "normal" people that get along with it)
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Im glad the excerpt explained the ranks of the Inquisition and as strong as General Torque is portrayed I'm surprised they introduced a rank higher than his... even though he's the creator of the order. Wow. Thank you translators once again the world building in this is insanely great!
@batora07 Congrats and thanks for your hard work!
@Epicredeemer Haha thanks :p
@Batora07 nice to see that you've got an actual group name on MD now
Hey ! Sorry for the delay but here's the chapter, at last ! There was quite a bit of editing to do on our part but here it is. This is one of my favorite chapter so far, I love the alchemy in the interaction between each of the member of the order of the Thaumaturges, I hope you'll like it too !
Also now we're officially a group ! (YAY !) The Yellow Cats (referring to our beloved MLM, our yellow and quirky "daddy" from the Artemis).
Thank you, yes you, reader, for your support so far.
We are slowly gaining new members in the hope to translate the chapters faster and also in the hope to give you the best translation we can !
Also, I know I constantly nag you on this topic but this is really important to me, that if you're really enjoying your read please consider supporting the official release when the manga comes out next to you, I really love the work of Tony Valente and this would sadden me if the manga fails in his english release :O.
Thank you and see you next week !