5Toubun no Hanayome

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Vol. 8 Ch. 65 - Scrambled Eggs โ‘ค
just imagine how yotsuba feels in page 19 (considering the events of ch88)
could nino be the one who kissed futarou by the end of the arc? hmm..
The memes at the end of these chapters are amazing
That Nino train. There is no point on making memes of this series, the author already makes them himself.
Itsuki, silly girl. You always push him away, this time into the sea!

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@GreenMoriyama the act of siding in and of itself is irrational anyway
and tbh, that final arc feelings already there since like, a couple arc before imo, and never really leaves
To me, it's concerning if people are fine with her being unchanged in her methods and who she is as a person, because at least for me, a change of goal isn't the strongest of character development.
But it's a matter of difference in preference, background and reasoning. Could rant this to one group who agrees, or get bitten by people who disagree. I just don't like it when people seemingly give wafty points that survive off impassioned energy than actual persuasiveness.
All the characters have had their moment to develop, and also have more to develop. I would reckon though some people just like that potential and are getting hyped about that... which isn't bad, but leads to some possibly irrational siding. I've been there, and have regretted jumping on the occasion too early in some cases.

Some people have noted that this current arc feels different from the rest... and I can agree to a point. I hope that This is not some final arc, and we don't get to see what happens in the third year for the characters. I'll just hope for the best.
@GreenMoriyama isn't it nice?
nino's still essentially the same person with the same methods, only her goal changed.
yet that's enough to turn around people's opinion of her
and there's still more room for more chara development

hoo boy it's gonna be fun
Learn from yesterday,
live for today,
hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning.
-Albert Einstein

Essentially, "forget Yesterday" to me is the same as saying "don't hold responsibility of the past." Unless you mean to say "don't be held up by Yesterday" which is a different story.
Witty quotes don't prove a point either if you don't add yourself to the statement.

We are human
Live in the present
Forget Yesterday
Hope for tommorow
@nobaka I thought the meme pages are always the translator's doings so blame them for making the Nino train unstoppable...

@Marscaleb That made literally lol
I don't know if calling the most aggressive girl "best girl" is a good thing. It's good that she is getting past all the flack she had earlier, but at least for me, how she acts then and now are demonstrating to me a "I haven't reflected on what I had done" and an author's wish streak. Her saddened state before was exactly reflective, and was short-lived, while the statements this chapter feel like a lot of loopholes as to why she can press that her romance is fine (if anything, she's pressing all the cards in her favour). Just how much wayward is being given to her is not funny anymore. But I do need to consider, this may just be the character development that people sought, whereas for me, it's not as impressive. She was deeply hated, and maybe the author didn't think it'd be taken this far (although spiking a drink should not be so easily brushed off, unlike some individuals who only cares about the now) and wished to bring upon her an interesting turn post-acceptance... but I digress.

Ichika, as conscript117 has said, is rather passive... or maybe she is being active, but in return shies away from the next step after. My usual concern with characters like her is that they show up as "I'm the big sis," and while irl older sisters may feel burdened by the responsibilities, it's not appealing that she is moping about. Surely, it could be that she still upholds being the oldest somewhere, but here she's oddly holding back quite a bit. Maybe Miku sapped any semblance of Ichika's confidence.

I'll hold off on talking about the other three for now...

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I still like ichika the best, but nino isnt all that bad, she is going straight the path rushing like a noob that just know how to press w only to get killed by someone who took their time and didn't even knew someone was heading his way, because his reaction was better than the rushing noob...

taking my comment into consideration I dont think ichika will win either, she is too passive and doesn't want anything to change, rushing is not good but being too passive is not right either.

I think the one quintuplet who's going to win is the one who's quickest thinker to solve something in the moment without panicking a lot(maybe do but have a fast recovery) and we all know who that girl is.....

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Agreed. I just don't understand the hate since their characterization isn't finish yet.
Alright it's settled, Nino is definitively best girl, steamroll them all!
wow, nino on full turn now. Author obviously wanted us to like nino, and pitied ichika.
i wonder if yotsuba will a turn to shine with fuutarou.
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