The World of Moral Reversal

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Vol. 2 Ch. 13 - A Stressful Summer, a Japanese Summer
Harem Insect Hentai:
Ichikawa: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Thanks for the translation.

I am glad to be human
Iam learning so much today.
BEST isekai chapter EVER!
Christ this chapter was fucking amazing. From the isekai comment to giving porn a dose of reality hahahahahah
Very Knowledgefull chapter
lmao, this chapter was great.
Okay, I can't not give this manga kudos for taking shots at isekai culture-level myths and lady-boner killing entomology.

At the end of the day, the animal with the best prospect of getting a reverse harem in manga is a human.
Wow, did the author really just say "fuck you" to kronix and criver for overthinking stuff? Good lad. :-D
"Weird low level culture in Isekais"

To narrow the focus even further, "weird low level culinary culture in isekai"

Wouldn't you be annoyed if there was a society that had apparently spent a great deal of time cultivating, growing, and harvesting rice for livestock feed, but somehow never realized they could cook it and eat it themselves? It took the MC boiling it and serving it to them and them going bonkers over how "delicious" it was before they even believed that somehow, a grain could be cooked... Rice itsn't bad, but plain rice is pretty damn plain. (Series in question is Isekai Yururi Kikou.)

Also, over %50 of isekai series have the MC making mayonnaise and the inhabitants worshipping at their feet afterwards. No one in the world has ever mixed vinegar and eggs together? Mayo isn't even all that beloved in the real world.

At least with Sword dad, his contribution to the culinary arts was mostly limited to figuring out the spice combination to make a good curry.
From what weve seen, men keep being attractive even when older, remember that in the H version the teacher went out a brothel that had a dandy old muscular man, that was the most requested dude.
So Men have all the ups from being the wanted mate with none of the downsides in this world.

If there is a downside, it might be that the older a man gets the harder it is to just shoot out once a day, since we know the refractory period of men in this world only lets them cum once or twice a day.
So when is it going to bring up the fact that in this world, men are only attractive when they're young and women are more attractive the older they get?
@RemIpsum It's still female dominant back then, read chapter 10 for more info.
If you want to see some personifications of female mosquitoes , search for chapter 10 of the manga Uzumaki ( warning : it is a disgusting horror manga ) . In that chapter , the Mosquito Maidens $ucks a lot .... of blood , lol .

"My ant fantasy got crushed in an instant " , lol pun , ant f-ant-asy .

"Kokonoe Kokoro is the best insect girl" ( Nope . I dont understand why there are people who play that disgusting game ) .

I guess you can say : Termites love to eat "morning woods" , lol . Instead of burying the queen termite 's corpse , the termites just eat the queen , they are very resourceful , lol .

The twin-tailed girl is defending isekai manga-s because she is 1 of the main characters in an isekai manga too , an isekai with reverse moral , lol .

As stated in previous chapters : in this reverse world , man is still stronger than woman in physical strength , so only men go to war , and most of the feudal lords / kings were men . Feudal lords must have had harems to continue their blood lines , not because male feudal lords loved to have $ex .
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Feudal lords had harems, huh?

Does that mean it was male-dominant back then? What caused the shift?
That's it, this is the best lewd isekai to date.
come for the lewd jokes

stay for the entomology
you aren't remotely normal if you are into insects...

Well, they're anthropomorphized. In other words, the girls are still into humans, but like to add a few animal features to make it more exotic.
It's actually not that different from being into bunny/cat/dog/etc. girls, or even monster girls.

I do get your point, though. Although in my case it's more my insect phobia speaking.
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