Monochrome Lovers

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Ch. 12 - Such a good guy
We all should be here for the cat.
I'm here for the cat.
Huh I actually like the development now. Seems more interesting in my opinion.
I didn't like this chapter at all. Evil genius student smirks as MC falls into his pre-calculated trap and the chapter ends with obvious bait. That's just boring. The plot is all over the place.
@Purplelibraryguy Exactly my sentiments! This chapter really turned me off, so much so that I'm very hesitant about continuing to read the series. I'm not particularly interested in reading about rival mobsters (or whatever they are), and some supposed genius infiltrating a school at the behest of one of the organizations. I kinda feel like I got suckered by the description, and now it's turning into something completely different.
When I added the series to the site I just used the exact tags that the series had on Comico.
ๆ‹ๆ„› - Romance
ใƒ‰ใƒฉใƒž - Drama
ๅญฆๅœ’ - School
ๆ—ฅๅธธ - "Everyday", aka Slice of Life.
Hm so here's what we learned from this episode.
Nanase Yuu is actually Nanase Yuuna.
Nanase ran away from home and her parents.
Nanase blames herself for hurting her mom.
Nanase threw away her name Yuuna and changed it to Yuu.
Other dude (Shion) seems to be hacker like Nanase or at least is the opponent of the faction Nanase is working for.
Ichinose might have made friends with a pretty dangerous person.
This dangerous person might just be a frickin genius.

This is becoming pretty fun, thanks for translating!
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I smell a hacking battle coming soon. This ought to be fun
I think a tag's gonna need to be changed. I don't know what the fuck this is, but every chapter it becomes clearer that "slice of life" ain't it.
I actually think it's a pity . . . they keep adding complications, throwing curves, but somehow I find myself less interested with each one.