Atom - The Beginning

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Vol. 5 Ch. 23 - Boot_023
******* i cant wait another month =x
Heh. He is Strong.
why this make my eyes teary…
@Nolonar yeah that makes sense she was just feeling lonely and even thought she doesn't knows why what she did was wrong, she doesn't wants to be alone.

A reason for her acting can be that she knows her limited energy supply is a factor that works against her and that for now she is dependant on her creators and Six can work around that, since running out of energy is not a problem for him, so until they give her that upgrade she has to play along with the other lesser beings.

But i am now seeing the problem with this, and is that if she is lying it also assumes that she has not developed feelings of attachment which the Bewustein system should have given her even before she developed the ability to disregard others (if she was a total megalomaniac she would have tried to destroy Six first since he is also inferior to her).
The problem is, that question would take far too long to reasonably answer in a single chapter.

She did, however, learn a lesson from all this. In a nutshell:
By attacking others (conscious beings or not), she's creating conflict with others.
By not trying to resolve the conflict, she's isolating herself from others.
She clearly didn't enjoy being isolated, thus she apologized.

In a sense, she found her answer: "I was wrong, because it makes others hate me, and I don't like being hated". It might not satisfy everybody, but as long as it satisfies her, that's all that matters.

By the way: I don't think she's acting, as I don't see a reason why she would.
She's already pretty much the most powerful entity in the world (from her own point of view), with Six being second-most powerful and still far below her, so there's no reason why she'd need to deceive others.
Superficially it is a really cute and touching chapter, but what if it is all a trick from U-Ran to make Six lower his guard in order to do whatever she wants without him trying to stop her? after all her Bewustein system is more advanced so it stand to reason that she has the ability to lie and deceive, plus even in this chapter most of her interactions come from a self-centred sense of superiority.

@Kaiser92 there are 2 problems with that, she is not a human, and she is not killing humans, she it not even destroying robots that can feel (which was her argument), also that answer doesn't solves the question of why she shouldn't destroy the other robots regardless of how advanced they may be, also the people financing her construction want her to be a brawling robot that will end destroying other robots for entertainment which while running contrary to the "lesson" of this chapter doesn't contradicts the answer at

@Nolonar And this chapter doesn't answer the question either, she just came around to feel bad because the only one she could talk to started ignoring her, but Six never gave her an answer, matter of fact his answer was that he didn't had one and thus couldn't no longer be her big brother.

So i assume that U-Ran at one point somehow realised that what she did was bad because she trampled on the hard-work of others which is why Six became angry at her, but i don't think she has come to that point yet, because it also means that she now can appreciate the work of others even if they are less advanced than herself (i don't think she has developed true empathy yet), and Six himself didn't explained that to her neither, so even in the case that she is feeling bad i think that rather than guilt she is just feeling lonely and hasn't actually learnt anything, however i personally think she is acting and she is not actually feeling lonely at all.

The thing with the Bewustein System is that it is so advanced that the 3 possibilities remain, but i am not sold on U-Ran having learn something out of nowhere that Six never explained to her, so that leaves her just feeling lonely or acting it out for further gains.
Great. Now we have robrocon?
Man, this is one of my favorite manga for a reason.
When your most advance robot can't even google or post simple question on the net and then go on a killing spree.... ?

The hallmark of our biology is that we are a highly social species that thrives in a group. Groups of social animals, whether humans or non-humans, have to find the best way to peacefully coexist, so that cooperation can occur. The way humans behave towards other humans will determine how cohesive the group will be. Thus, it follows that a group where people are murdering one another routinely will not thrive, and will be absorbed or taken over by other groups that cooperate and form larger, more successful, cohesive groups.
Looks like U-Ran found the answer to her question herself.
This was resolved better than I hoped.
I don't know about you but this chapter is POWERFUL! Oh man.
So, now he has an onii-chan...