Potion Danomi de Ikinobimasu!

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Vol. 3 Ch. 16.2 - Potion Sales Started
Are these passages from the novel? (I mean these shield info blocks)
Holy God, that's the mother of all infodumps
she has the ability to make any potion. The writer has not put in the right limits to this story. She could create potions that wouldn't allow them to use weapons for x amount of time or something of the sort. Potion won't allow for criminal activity like improving morals of a person.
When she was describing the prince, she described her own personality perfectly.
I wish Kaoru wasn't such a bland, standard isekai MC. She's always "so smart" (more accurately everyone around her is just unrealistically stupid), she never has any real difficulty, and everyone likes her despite her not having that great a personality. I get part of a lot of isekais is the power fantasy aspect, but I do find it frustrating when there's a character who never has any real difficulties or challenges and is always able to make things go their way. It just gets dull. I prefer characters who are easier to empathize with because they struggle and mess up. Kaoru's rather too much of a Mary Sue.
@Psychronia Usually the best author has already the end before like Rokujouma or Harry Potter they have in their script the short edition(3 volumes) the long one and one in case for a sudden axe (middle one).
That's why it's not a act intelligent "they are really intelligent if you look it by 3rd party point of view" the road is already half predefined either due to experience(background or mild cheat power). Like someone that know he would die later and do all to not die and usually act smart during those moment.

It's also due to the plot by arc and adding parallel timeline with more MC to give a bigger universe. More point of view of the same story used properly lead to a masterpiece or mainstream series.
So the intelligent has more knowledge (Conan or Lelouch) before the plot happen or get insight due to the author adding small hint :
like in Majutsu no Index with some minor character that become the center of problem one volume later or "we" can use "small hint" like someone portrait in a phone reveal to be the guy killed by antihero was the adoptive father of the actual damsel in distress (main center of the plot) so reader can try to predict too some event if they reread some chapter if the series is complex enough.
This one I consider it as a simple read even pokemon got a deeper meaning once kid reader are now adult and rethink about the story and all those flaw that let them make fanbook/fanart.
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Ha! The prince is a total dipshit but that was so savage I kinda felt bad for him. Oh well, it cleanly took care of the problem.

Passive-aggressiveness aside, I don't mind the walls of text, since they're skippable and give more context than the usual manga as a result. That said, it kinda defeats the purpose of reading a manga. You might as well slip in the manga images alongside the WN proper, right?

@Kamelpov Well, that's why authors can perform research and spend time and effort thinking about it. Plus, as long as they don't strain the realism of it to disbelief levels, they have the advantage of knowing everything that will happen and the hindsight of that to work with.
A character can act intelligent when they're able to act like all that information comes to them more quickly than it actually did for the author.
I thought that was the case, but wasn't sure since there was no indication. Just prepending those with something like "TL/N: " would be highly appreciated. Without that, the flow of the story sort of changes and you forcefully inject your take of the story as if it were a fact that the author is trying to explicitly state.

How was I suppose to know that those picket signs were TL/N? Was there a warning somewhere (I never read giant walls of text in manga, so if it was in one I would have missed it)

@CraniumAmbiguity @art17 Thx.... group delay of 2 weeks.... I think they increased it a bit since I last checked. I added a link to whitepodless versions from isekai-soul's website to the comment section for new readers
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this one https://mangadex.org/title/15950/isekai-maou-to-shoukan-shoujo-dorei-majutsu
Nice Job, loliguys, please cotinue doing as you please and ignore the haters.
@firefish5000 it was isekai maou, you know, Diabro-san...
Link to the original raws, as credited on the first page. As you can see, no walls of text.


At no time does Lol Mamoritai ever state that these are translation notes, nor that they are from the web Novel. They just put them in, just like the added comments in the actual dialogue bubbles (for instance, page 9).
Thank you for taking your time to explain :)
They actually shoehorned in the walls of txt from the WN (They weren't in the raws if you look them up) to vent anger at those that don't understand whats going on and at those who don't like Karou
When manga becomes novel itself -.- ...
that wall of text.

That probably was the worst chapter to tranaslate xD
Good job!
it seems fine, you can just scroll past it if you don't want to read it, some of it was helpful so i think it's fine.

at some point tho TL needs to leave the whole 14.2 thing in the past in the long run it doesn't matter.
I appreciate the work put in, but that doesn't mean everyone will, and you can't expect them to.

i don't read japanese so any translation that's not super low res and gets the point across is fine with me. there are plenty of manga that are unreadable because it's broken as fuck english, this is far from that.
Oooh! Finally war!
Others have stated that the walls of text were not in the raw. If that is correct, then it’s very different from Hunter x Hunter where while there is a lot of text, it’s from the original manga itself. In this case, it seems more like the translator is just adding a bunch of text from the novel to show us readers that there is more conveyed in it. While some may find that interesting and helpful, a work really should be able to stand on its own. Do the published Japanese volumes have these walls of text?
Wow, at least its better than being an absolute cunt about it. Still a cunt but not the worst. Still not a fan of passive aggressive walls of text just because some people dont like your waifu. At least label it as a translator note so that I know to skip it.

Seriously though, your obsession with your waifu is creepy as hell. Instead of trying to die on the sword to defend her honor, how about you just get a body pillow and fuck that?
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