Xian Ni

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Ch. 81 - Carving a Bloody Path
Man I really like this manhwa. But I just can't get used to how the illustration deteriorate over time, and the fights are over in a second or how shit happens in a few panels and we're told months have passed. When was the last time we have something like the beginning where he used the attraction art on that poor disciple? That was badass.
@Kaarme well duh. you want something worse, you gotta be so drenched in blood and guts that your skin stays tinted red after you clean that off

but that's basically doomguy

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It's a decent way to demoralise any random cultivator who sees the kill order symbol and dreams of defeating Wang Lin. When they see the corpses of the former leaders and elders being dragged around, they might think again.
another reminder that dragging along the bodies of your dead enemies around while you look to destroy their base is still overkill.