Potion Danomi de Ikinobimasu!

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Vol. 3 Ch. 15.2 - Peaceful Days (2)
110 reactions? Hahaha! What ego's.
Not a bright manga? :D This is one of the few bright manga around. I guess anything goes if you want to denigrate something you don't like.
This a manga whose internal logic actually makes sense. As far as isekai manga go that's a first.
As far as manga in gerneral go it's a rarity.
It maybe not the brightest manga but it is a fun manga.
I'm thankfully fo the tl to bring it here, since they done their job the have right to put their 'brending' and other stuff here and there. Stop complaining people
now ive seen it all, some weebs white knighting for a retarded isekai manga character. the future sure is looking bright.
It's really annoying when I'm trying to read a manga, but getting distracted by annoying first page commentary on how you're annoyed by people in here.

I don't care how annoyed you are.
I just want to read in peace, not read how you're insulted by people.

Keep those things in comments, not the manga itself. Common sense.
I love this MC. She’s fun and relatable. So much better than the autistic beta male isekai MCs
@FluffyDragon FUNA is probably one stressed writer.
I remember reading the Light novel and really wanting the old lady to get rejuvinated into her younger self again. #MAKEOLDLADIESHOTAGAIN!
He wants us to put our hands in our chests.
@DrWhoCares you are an exception to the majority, so that's ok. My only complaint for you is the release speed, but if you can't go faster then you can't. I don't know why Mamoritai didn't respond, there is community interaction down in the comments of most of their posts, though it's limited by what you can accomplish there.
I'm not claiming that Mamoritai's translations are brilliant, but it could be worse.

Some examples from one chapter of a painful to read translation:
"We are a family of 4, both my dad and mom works and my little brother is still at an age of 9 yrs old so there’s no way I can tell my tried sleeping parents to do the breakfast preparation."
"By the way, I’m not athletic, I have an ordinary face, and only super-good at studying."
"While we were talking about the test problems we then arrived at the classroom in no time. It’s he first class this morning, so we have about half of the time before we get into the test."

I'd like to post a quote from another mess I've been reading, but it seems like someone has edited a lot of the worst offences, which is a kind of progress I guess.

@BloodySorcerer Yeah, she really does lean on the Chaotic Neutral side of things at times. Maybe readers misunderstand her displays of annoyance at being bothered... it's not like she's ever all that worried, considering she can conjure explosives, sleeping gas and even a "Summon Celes" device. Maybe it's just that Mile has so horribly tortured Common Sense-chan that I'm more accepting of Kaoru's easy going attitude. Really, all of FUNA's girls just wanna have fun.
It's easy make more friends is good and if they ignore you if you try to become their friend then set up as suspicious neutral or enemies and death to the backstabber.
@FluffyDragon Me neither. Kaoru has always been pretty straightforwards in her actiuons and intents. Despite any problems in translation she has always acted on these 3 patterns. Reward people she deems worthy, punish anyone that tries to monopolize her, and do whatever the hell she wants. She's a free spirit that doesn't want anyone trying that. She doesn't want anything holding her back.

From what I've read from many comments some people are confused because they think her actions are contraditory with her goals. But they forget the fact that "SHE WANTS TO DO AS SHE PLEASES".

Minding methods and behaviors it's exactly what she doesn't want to have to do. She doesn't care if the process is easy or difficult, if it's only lightly effective or extremely efficient, she simply wants to do it.

People nowadays are too adicted on efficiency or "the best method", they forget that some people simply don't give a damn as long as the results pleases them.
I should know, i'm like that, rather I have an allergy to efficiency, efficiency is usually boring and anti-fun
Loli Mamoritai is why I started scanlating. I sent them an email ages ago attempting to become their proofreader with zero response.
After a little bit I became a proofreader somewhere else. Hated the fact that I was using Chinese raws for some godforsaken reason, so I got the Japanese ones and become a translator.

They don't have a proofreader because they actively don't want one and don't talk to the community.

Edit: That stupid saying at the end is why I started this spite project in the first place.

If you can't perform the BARE MINIMUM requirements, don't even attempt to help out before reaching those requirements. Just because we need more doctors in the world does not mean you should go and perform open heart surgery because, "well, I watched a bunch of House and Grey's Anatomy, so I'm basically fluent."
stop getting trolled dumbass fucking editor
Kaoru needs to make a chill potion for every rager out there. ?
you should be ashamed mangadex reader if the translator have to put up that warning on the 1st page lol
oh just in case.... this is more or less me being sarcastic...well half of it anyway because seriously.... do you really want the translator to start explaining things to you about a certain character behavior xD
I don't really get why people find Kaoru's actions confusing, it's pretty straight forward and an obvious pattern.

Town 1: tried to help people while securing food and shelter, backfired due to not knowing the details of the world and making too much noise.
Town 2: tried to help people while securing food and shelter, backfired due to being too smart and still having no protection from meddling by the nobles.
Town 3: kept her identity hidden to prevent a repeat until she could do something flashy enough to be untouchable.

What she's done is a mutually assured destruction style approach... enough people know who she is that...
* if one group tried to monopolise her openly the others would intervene for fear of divine punishment,
* if someone tried a repeat of the abduction approach she'd simply blast her way out and go "what did you expect to happen?"
* if someone tried the proposal route she now has some shielding thanks to friendly nobles
* if she says she's planning to leave, people will try really hard to deal with the reason for leaving, on account of the amount of people she's healed.

By this point in the story she fully understands how to abuse the power she has (to the point she can and has used it to insta-kill people not too far in the future from this arc), so she's not particularly concerned about being imprisoned or abducted.
She's also not the kind of person to just sit there and do nothing when people are suffering, even when it causes her trouble later. It's not like she has family in that world, so she can disappear to another city or country whenever she wants.
Hell, the first conversation with Celes tells you she's going to be a meddler when she explicitly asked if there would be any problems with her making improvements to the world's standard of living and encouraging Celes to do the same.

As for the translation quality... if you think this is bad I can point you to some much, MUCH worse translations. There's one in particular where they can't even keep pronouns and names consistent for an entire line, let alone a paragraph.
Loli o Mamoritai is pretty open about not being a native English or Japanese speaker and usually listens to feedback... complaining the quality isn't good enough is pretty entitled considering it's being done for free. But hey, I'm sure the people saying to get a native English speaking editor have all submitted an application for doing that job themselves, right? You're not asking more people to do unpaid work for the sake of your entertainment, right?

There's a saying I quite like: If you think you can do better, you're welcome to do so.
@Chrona Isekai crossover is a thing. Featuring Kazuma(Konosuba), Subaru(Re:Zero), Ainz(Overlord), and Tanya(Youjo Senki). I believe it's called Isekai Quartet and is set to come out in the second quarter of 2019.

@Aretheus The relative quality to other Isekai is why I keep coming back for more. I'm probably not a tenth of a fan of the author as the translator clearly is, but FUNA's works that I've read are at least notably distinct, try to avoid lazy setups (even as templates remain), and generally try to respect the concept of rationality. Oh! Also no fanservice. F*ck isekai fanservice.
That said, I do think that there are complaints to be had about the story-plot holes, I guess they'd be called. They're not nearly as big a deal as either side is making them out to be, but I'd never deny that they're there and bother me at least a little.
Whoa. The salt is real. Regardless of how unreasonable or critical these comments you hate so much may be, I really don't think personally attacking people you don't really know in a page added to the chapter release is the way to go, dude. It's already been stated by some comments, but my advice is that you just ignore complainers-or at least block the worst offenders so you don't have to see their comments anymore.
I'm not actually against getting passionate when something you love is insulted and don't buy into the "it's not real" argument, but as it is, there's really no direction but further escalation if you continue to argue and nobody will be better off for it.

The same goes for people who hate the translation quality (or apparently the lack thereof). I can personally get by, but for anyone who can't stand it, complaining about it really doesn't accomplish anything but stir up trouble. At least discussion of the storytelling could potentially lead to interesting conversation.
Your only real options are: 1)accept and bear with it, 2)drop the manga until you see a different translator pick it up, or 3)do something about it yourselves either by acting as editors or finding another translation team yourself. Anything else is just making it harder for the people that don't mind (well, that and adding to the admittedly awesome comment counter).
I would rather see 1 good chapter a week than to have 1 poor chapter a day, in terms of release quality.

TL, please take your time in doing TLs and maybe recruit some more staff.
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