Yuusha, Yamemasu

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Vol. 2 Ch. 6.1
@VIVIT When she described it, she said it has been turned into a desolate place, and she wants to rebuild it into a better place. That very much sounds like the demons, and other that lived there, ruined the place, filling it with pollution and generally destroyed the ecosystem. That's why I said that if she simply restores it magically, just like that, nobody will have learned anything. They would ruin it anew eventually, trusting they can again magically restore it, assuming they care at all.
>instead of hard work.

here's the thing, demon world is like fallout/mad max/desert punk/you name it fantasy equivalent of wasterland but we don't know (of if author already said it in the novel) if said hellscape was already here when demons evolve to live in it or by other hand some shit happened and turned a good place into a post-apocalyptic fantasy; follow the later we also unknow if they can use magic to reverted the disaster of is magic-proof or only reverted with ancient/legendary/forgotten arts.

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It's just half-hearted. She's motivated by her wish to bring peace and prosperity to the demon world, but she would basically need to wreck the peace and prosperity of another place to achieve it. That's why she finds it so hard. Instead of war, she should have tried some more clandestine methods first. Assuming she didn't, without success.

In the end, though, I find it silly to try to rely on some miracle method to save her world, instead of hard work. if the change is achieved through a quick miracle, instead of changing the denizens attitudes, they would just soon ruin their world anew. Not to mention there would be plenty of demons back in her world who would rob the philosopher's stone from her to use it for gaining absolute power.
Yepp. She generally spouted out the same shit as in last chapter. Well, IF that stone CAN terraform the demon world, I'd give her some points. But to wage war for it right from the beginning, because humans are the enemy as the main reason, even though she did understand, they aren't that different....and going as far as to say, "I don't care what happens to them." Silly
What a bunch of childish platitudes and idealistics.
"I need your magic rock of miracles to terraform our home, the demon world!"

"Oh, ok then."

"Does that mean you'll give it to us!?"


"This means war! I'll try and keep casualties to a minimum though."

"You're an idiot." "We need to find some kind of antisocial martyr to fight this dumb battle for us."
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Yep, now to help out the demons full heartedly :)
The humans can live without the puny philosopher stone hehe