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Ch. 11 - But I hate it
actually, looking at the thumbnail/chapter pictures on the raws, we're gonna be seeing a lot more emotion coming from Nanase in the future
So this web comic was just an elaborate candy ad all along.
10/10 would buy Only-Lonely's Honey Sugar Lollipop again.
OOOOoooooh she’s Nanase Yuu but the caller is Nanase Kana. Hmm.
And she seems to be a pretty good hacker or computer technician. Maybe she’s really smart or she got much more hidden secrets.
Man she is definitely my favorite character.

This is a great webtoon!
Thx Whiteout Scans!
Hachii is so loud but so cute...?
What exactly is her job besides reading colors/aura???...a computer developer or something???...IT???...well whatever she's still so cool...