Yancha Gal no Anjou-san

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Vol. 2 Ch. 19 - Anjou-san Wants to Play in the Water
Protect MC-kun, what a baller he is
The cool type friend is very cultured.

Im glad Anjous friends are cool with her going for what she likes i hate that trope were supposed friends bash and ridicule when they wants something that "doesnt fit their image" or is below them in terms of looks or whatever instead of asking like regular human beings why they like a person, like the cool type cultured friend here did, well in a past chapter but im glad theyre supportive and helping her out.

Also yeah mc-kun is kind of a bitch but at least he goes along with her most of the time some authors would have their mc faint or run away the moment the girl took of her clothes to get into her swimsuit and i drop the series right there and then this guys does bitch quite a lot about being on good situations though and he has that weird epileptic shock when she gets close, he should really drop doing coke and change to weed so he can chill and stop with that super high tension

Cute how Anjou got worried at her friends bustier physique.

Cmon just make him go to the pool lol still that was pretty special in its own right cmon even preparing that shitty pool at the roof must have taken a lot just drop to your knees and worship/fuck her already mc-kun.

Damn that was a sexy ass swimsuit goddamn indeed.
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Normal person here, was also a big beta in middle and high school.

I remember I had a nice girl classmate who used to slap my ass give me hugs and hang out with me a bunch. Really hot too, for her age anyway haha.

Totally thought she was just like that and I totally associated the butt touches with spanking from mom LOL

Anyway uhh high school had a bunch of situations like beta MC I just didn't recognize crap.

Had stuff happen to me as an adult out of school too, sometimes I notice now but if I think about it I totally feel like an oblivious fk. Lmao.
Being a pathetic fuck just like the mc, I can say that I had even worst reactions in high school. I will never forget one day in the library when a girl sat on my lap and I panicked so much that I jumped out of the chair, throwing her on the ground.

Thinking about it now, I guess that's why I hate seeing these types of mc; they remind me too much of how pathetic I am.
why you talking about sundome?

If that's the series I think I remember,
Huh, I didn't know that black-haired friend of hers was such a gentlewoman of culture.

Also, good thing Anna didn't bring him a speedo, although I kinda wish she did.
It's perfectly fine for the guy to get stunned, think about it, he has never been in this situation before and it's the first female attention he's getting
but the flinch away? a girls throws herself at you, you can freeze, sure. but not flinch

again, I like the story and I like the teasing, but he should be going blank there instead of 'DID YOU JUST TOUCH ME THOT'-MODE
Glad that with dumpster fires like Gal Cleaning currently burning down in front of our eyes I can always come read some Anjo-san to cleanse my soul.
I didn't even know that was a thing
@urtoast why you talking about sundome?
>Lifting for girls
He just lacks enough confidence in his positive qualities to believe that someone as hi-spec as Anjou could ever actually like him. Notice how many comments there are about him manning up or just going for it? The author has managed to elicit empathy from the readers. As a writer, that is a major accomplishment. The longer this goes on, the more joy we'll experience when he finally gets his shit together and finally reciprocates her feelings. Of course of it goes on too long, the story will get stale. I'm which case the series will either end or the author will introduce a rival to Anjou vying for Seto. Then again, the author could pull a major M. Night Shyamalan and have Anjou die in a tragic accident and only then does Seto realize his own feelings and hers. Fortunately I don't believe our amazing mangaka is that kind of person. And that's also not the kind of magazine this manga is published in.

And I just realized how much I went off on a tangent. Sorry about that.
Seto.... Man up, and just do it!!!! GODDAMMIT!!!!

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Just fuck already!
@havelmom I'm with you on this one. The way males flinch away from females when an awkward situation occurs is such an annoying, overly-used but unrealistic reaction. You see it frequently in manga and anime, plus I've even seen it in a K-drama with live actors where it was jaw-droppingly ridiculous. As annoying clichés go, it's up there with "a third wheel suddenly popping out of nowhere" and "naked girl falls out of the sky and lands on the MC."
thanks @_anq , doing god's work.
Did she just say "this brings back memories"? Hmmm

Yep, more and more it's looking like they were childhood friends.
Now this is how you do a "Gal" comic! The gags aren't too over the top. The MC is just the right level of cringe-worthy ness. Hopefully his shyness will eventually wear off though. I do feel his pain - I was that painfully shy in high-school. It sucked.
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