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Vol. 12 Ch. 75
@LilYoshiXD God was killed by the Fake God during a trial that had the students save a kingdom. The MC (blanking on name, guy with Change character) was revealed to be a God-candidate due to Krishna residing in his body, who is also a God-Candidate, same as the Fake God. Fake God wanted to ascend to the position of God, so he tried to kill all the other candidates and successfully killed Krishna and mortally wounded MC, but MC got temporarily powered up by God in his memories (I think?), and killed the Fake God. When they carted the Fake God's body back to study, they found a fetus in the Fake God, which it was revealed that the Older Sister had prior knowledge of because the Fake God trusted her and told her about it. So she took the fetus and implanted it in her body, and so she's gestating the fetus as it's in the last year of its development. So it would seem the Older Sis has a hidden agenda of working with the Fake God outside of helping the government figure out how to utilize the characters for ordinary people to use.

The students are still stuck in the school, MC can't use his OP powers he showed in the fight anymore (for now?), Krishna was brought back to life by a classmate who was actually an angel (resident of heaven? she repeatedly reincarnated to find God and help the students) as a small child because she says they need a guide.
This gets updated so infrequently really have no clue whats going on. Anyone have a good synapsis?